Monday, October 15, 2012

Killing Anonymous?

Blogger keeps offering more services. Thus a new comment policy.

First, now you will be required to register in some on line identity service (such as Google +). Usually a simple procedure, but one you need to do for every computer you work with (Chrome has a way to coordinate all of your computer if you do not work from a public one). That way everyone will have to come up with a nickname or real name, no more anonymous (unless you register as Anonymous Anonimity or some other crank). Hopefully it will be easier to follow threads since apparently people have a hard time replying inside a given comment (more room for improvement at Blogger)

In exchange I will give up on the post verification and put moderation only on posts older than 2 days.

I risk to have less comments but that does not bother me much. However once you register it should be easier for you to comment and exchange views with other readers if you wish.

As for trolls I will be more severe than ever and erase any, and those who should have known better but replied nevertheless.  I admit that my patience has run out with PSF, the only ones that still bother to post in this type of blogs, so I will not punish any bona fide Venezuelan chavista.


  1. Anonymous4:17 PM


  2. Daniel, Does blogger have the raking comment option? You know like you tube, where user can mark a comment as inappropriate so that it does no show? That could help. Cheers

    1. No, it does not. I am not too keen on such high a rating even though I came out rather well where I wrote.

    2. pabloretega

      Are you kidding? youtube is the biggest disaster for commenting and ratings I have yet to see.It is pathetic.

      I consider opposition members who insult psfs or other opposition members,and those who create straw men arguments and slander others to be the real trolls.

      How much damage has the opposition done in allowing Chavismo to flourish.I would love to see this as a topic.

      I should think quite a bit pf damage has been done by the opposition as well as by the Chavistas.

    3. For sure, people that get into those insult wars play completely into Chavez polarization strategy.

  3. Some countries are tinkering with the idea of ending all anonymous commenting online. Insanity.

  4. At least we can all keep track of who said what

  5. The tubes anonymity has somehow allowed people to dismiss courtesy, diplomacy and whatever measure of education. Now if they want to call you names, they just do it.
    I like the idea of no anonimous in the comments

  6. Where is the Facebook option?

  7. If we want to make our ideas public then we should be willing to take responsibility for them. Anonymous commenting is for throwing a stone and hiding the hand...

    1. The more so that I am not asking for an ID card, just the courtesy to come up with a nick name for discussion. How many times have I been criticized by "anonymous" claiming it as a divine birth right of sorts.... People can fake their ID when signing up for one of those signing services.

  8. Are you serious?--or, delirious, imperious, querulous?

    Could be a specie of becoming unbalanced, more curious.

    We'll see--what comes to be...

    1. I am dead serious, which may not be your case.

  9. I have no problem with that :) I've been Liz Taylor (not!) since the beginning.

    I agree Daniel, so many anonymous posts are so confusing...

  10. Yes, and because I cannot keep all the 'anonymouses' straight without a great deal of attention and time that I do not have, I tend not to read at least half of their comments.



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