Monday, October 15, 2012

Your totalitarian moment of the week

The totalitarian moment of the week comes to you courtesy of the Guardian. Argentine journalist Lanata was detained and harassed at Caracas airport,  threatened, and finally released but with his cell phone and computer banks all erased. The reason? among other things he was in possession of SEBIN documents that detailed the illegal spying that the regime did of Capriles, his family and close collaborators during the campaign.

The situation about privacy rights has become so bad in Venezuela that Capriles told us that he does not even own a cell phone because he does not want his private conversations broadcast at night in La Hojilla. any communication with Caprles had to go through one of his collaborators.



    I believe people should watch this video.There are some basic points discussed here that are paramount to future change in Venezuela.


  2. If the Venezuelans are going to accept those election results and this regime as legitimate, then they have the dictatorship they deserve

    1. Why do you write such a patronizing statement? People, for whatever screwed up reason, voted for Chavez in a majority. Does that mean I should pick up my guns because I did not like the result?

      You need to understand one thing: if people are carted to voting station late in the day and still, upon duress, voted for Chavez and did not protest, there is nothing I can do. In the end, they do accept such a system. That they are wretches does not change that fact nor legitimizes that I start shooting idiots. If it were allowed to shoot idiots the human species would be extinct real soon.


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