Thursday, January 24, 2013

An ever infuriating Capriles may need a 12 step jig

These days I really do not know what to think of Capriles.  An example is him granting an interview to Panorama, the pro Chavez newspaper of Maracaibo, whose biased questions right there give you a cue. I suppose Capriles is right to speak to any media but he should measure the consequences as Panorama titled the interview, for all practical purposes, "no unity inside opposition". Local chavistas beamed, I am sure.

That was already bad enough though not damaging: what was downright stupid was to pick on Diego Arria while unprovoked into. Even more, Capriles went to count Arria's tweets....  I mean, if Capriles is such a leader, why should he lower himself to count the tweets of someone he clearly despises? Is that "statesman" like?

I suppose Diego Arria hit a nerve in him. After all, he is certainly the more consistently vocal and outspoken opposition leader even if he got only a little bit over 100,000 votes in the primaries one year ago. That Capriles feels the need to remind the Panorama journalist that together with Perez he got then 94% of the vote is not a sign of self confidence, if you ask me.  Actually, it is not even a sign of self confidence that he will be the Unidad candidate.....

But if Capriles keeps disappointing me by his poor sense of timing, apparently being little more than a campaign machine where he excels, mercifully, it may not matter much in the end. The Unidad/MUD revived today and offer a 12 step program (I kid you not). The 23 de enero celebration of the MUD was a powerful way to relaunch its comatose self and Aveledo gave a good, encouraging speech which in addition of offering what is in reality a transition program, also assured us that the next candidate of the MUD to face Maduro will be swiftly chosen by consensus. No details on that but from what different leaders were saying in recent days it seems that they mean it.

I do not know if this is good for Capriles candidacy but at least it is good for us in that Primero Justicia will lose the direction of the next electoral campaign and that it will a more unitary effort from all the parties involved. In short, if Capriles is again the candidate at least he will have an improvement through a 12 step program...  (sorry, I could not resist!)


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  2. Tuition Tutor! The spam is becoming more diverse every day! Great blogging lately, btw, Daniel.

    1. Maybe I am inspired by all the spam that I have to delete?

    2. And I resent you for forcing me to keep one spam comment......

    3. LOL, erase away, my friend.

  3. 1. Well done, Aveledo. (I would have liked to listen to the audio.)
    2. Agree that the MUD needs re-encauchamiento. And the 12-step jig shows thought process to revive an almost moribund coalition.
    3. Agree that PJ is not a robust party with a well-coordinated strategy and execution. I have long thought that it's too full of altar boys whose vision for the country is not focused.
    4. Agree that Capriles has become petty and whiny. It's unfortunate that there are just too many youngsters, outside Arria, in national politics, without sufficient 'fundamento' or life experience. Too bad there isn't a generation, say, between Mr. Cosmetic (Arria) and the rest of them (MCM, Capriles, etc.)
    5. Agree with jsb: great blogging lately, Daniel.

    1. P.S. That panorama interviewer had absolutely no interest in her subject. The audio clip made her sound like she was half-assed listening while painting her nails, her boredom proof of a limited intellectual resource.

    2. 1. thanks for the compliment

      2. do you remember the primary debate sponsored by Panorama? i bet you it was the woman in the yellow scarf that did the interview. or she borrowed that scarf anyway.....

      3. i did not hear the clip because my internet is too slow for videos. from the transcript i could not deal with a halting video of the interview....

    3. Can't recall any previous debate having a moderator that was as obviously bored and disinterested as was the twit that *listened* to Capriles in this instance. I hope you get to hear the audio sometime. It was pitiful.

  4. Perhaps Capriles is more critical of Diego A. than he is of Chavez himself which is apparently what " the people" like which is why they have supported him.I mean his 'comeflorness', and all is just amazingly admired, in the general sense, but I never shared that admiration.I believe in staying true to my values through thick and thin.

    All these years the " opposition" has been kowtowing to the very mechanism that keeps Chavismo in power.



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