Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013 to all!

As expected, I was so taken by other matters that I have not read a paper or watched a news cast since last Friday.... I am sorry I could not post my best wishes to readers of this blog and talk some about what to look for next year.

First, it seems that Chavez is doing really bad. Apparently all went to Cuba to spend the New Year Holiday. and left in charge Navarro whose only merit is to have been one of the biggest sucker up to Chavez that ever existed.  He certainly has no charisma nor ideas to conspire and take over.  In short, no one is in charge. Then again, does it matter?

Fireworks for the new year were plentiful  much more than last year in San Felipe. I commented to the SO that maybe people were cracking the fireworks they could not crack the day the news come from Cuba. Sure enough as I open a computer for the first time in 4 days I read that, well, news may be coming...  People did not go in as large a number as hoped for to the prayer vigils, preferring fireworks.  Ingrates!.

13 is a good number, it never brought me bad luck.  In fact, if I play lottery I am sure that 13 is included.  I even won once, enough to pay the half dozen lottery tickets I may buy in the year (you know, those sold in the streets by kids on drug addiction recovery programs).  I thus trust that this year overall is not going to be any worse than the recent ones. Things being what they are in Venezuela, not getting worse is already a bonus....

And that is all because as far as Venezuela is concerned all will depend on the how, when, which way, if, and etc. of El Supremo.  I never thought I would have to live in a country that passed through the traumas of transitions like Spain, Yugoslavia, etc...  but here I am.  Now back to that left over Foie Gras and Ribera del Duero from last night.  You gotta love some left overs.....


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Have a happier and more prosperous New Year, Daniel.

  2. Island Canuck4:10 PM

    Happy New Year Daniel.
    May 2013 be filled with success in spite of all the hurdles.

  3. A very Happy New Year!

    I have also been busy with traveling and family and have somewhat disconnected from the news...even from the Fiscal Cliff fiasco.I have been very concerned about Hilary Clinton though.

    Perhaps we will soon have some word about the fate of Chavez.


  4. The Lottery? You play the Lottery?
    I'm kinda shocked.
    Or do you know something? :)

  5. Also hello to Island Canuck from a mostly lurker, I was worried.

  6. Charly10:06 PM

    The fireworks were tremendous last night in our area and the mourning was postponed to another day. One item of note: good whiskey is hard to come by these days. What is happening? Are the boliburgueses going back to Cocuy? Happy new year to all.

  7. Dr. Faustus10:59 PM

    Yes, I do a lot of 'lurking' myself. It's nice to see Island Canuck making his presence known. I'm sure the disappointment of October still weighs heavy on his soul. Best wishes from all of us.

  8. Happy New Year Daniel!

  9. Happy New Year to you's!

    And I am glad to see Island Canuck as well. I thought he had done something terrible, like settling in Baffin Island.

  10. Island Canuck7:45 AM

    No, I'm still around just disillusioned about the state of things & the seeming impossibility to change anything.

    Thanks for the comments. I may jump in every now & then but I've decided since Oct. 7 to stay away from political thought. Too stressful in this country.

    1. I also worried about you because I know how hard it is to leave what one is used to and love and the source of one's own livelihood as well.I left an entire lifetime of memories, friends, work,home etc.when I left Caracas.

      Good luck Island.


  11. 1979 Boat People8:00 PM

    Happy New Year 2013.

  12. This comes quite a bit late in the new year, but I would like to express my best wishes to all for a very happy New Year, especially to Daniel. And, Island Canuck, I hope you realize that there were more than just a few of us worrying about you. So, a very happy New Year to you.

  13. Anonymous3:31 PM

    "respiratory deficiency"
    One step closer to Hell.

  14. Happy New Year 2013!!

    We made it! no horsemen, no apocalypse, no super virus crippling most computers in the world.

    So I wish you the best and a Happy and Healthy 2013



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