Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The S.O. was at the 23 enero rally

January 23, 23 de enero, is a symbolic date in Venezuelan history. It marks the end of our last to this one. It is of course fitting that a neo fascist movement as chavismo is tries in every possible way to first erase that celebration, and then co-opt it. Today the cooptation was under a rally march to support Chavez, assorted with quite a few undemocratic insults toward the opposition, which goes to tell that chavismo has no clue as to what 23 de enero means.

Still, the S.O. was forced to go and he sent me some pictures which show that 1) the regime did manage to send enough public employees for a decent show, and 2) that the march was indeed  a forced one without any significant ambiance whatsoever. No comments needed except for one picture that carries something that looks like a piñata of the National Assembly building.  Cabello supporters?  Those were the three most "active" pictures. Chavismo is in mourning....


  1. Carlos Alberto11:24 PM

    Daniel why don't you call your boyfriend "my boyfriend"? Or is there a problem with that terminology?

    1. A boy friend is someone you are dating for the time being, something you have before, say, you are 30 YO, or before you tie some knot. A Significant Other is someone you have been sharing essential moments of your life for soon 14 years. There is a difference, and since I am not allowed to marry then I cannot put ready names like husband/wife. Also life partner sounds too commercial. I have decanted long ago for Significant Other as what best represents my relationship.

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify that.

      Now, let's go back to the mournful 23 de enero in chavismo.

  2. As you say the irony screams loud: 23rd Jan apart from being my Venezulean ex-wife's birthday is the date associated with the rebirth of Venezuelan democracy; pseudo dictatorial Chavismo putting down the opposition, suppressing poor media coverage, threatening violence in the streets if anything Chavez (even more ironically he who led a serious coup attempt!) ever did ever gets reversed/slowed/stopped.

  3. I wish you'd give the S.O. a pseudonym! He's on the front lines, reporting for you. ...taking pictures. He deserves a byline. :-)

    1. He is a public employee. He deserves to suffer.

  4. Now I understand.


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