Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spain's ABC announces the end of Chavez

Oh well....
(hat tip "anonymous")


  1. article appears based on credible inside info. Does incapacidad mean ausencia absoluta. how will madurobello deal with this -- constitutionally. Or will the pretense allow for thinking that Chávez can rule from a camilla.

    Finally, that Ch is depressed destroys the myth that he's been signing documents with a forceful, deliberate hand, in red ink.

    Qué cuerda de mentirosos ... toítos.

  2. Feathers11:23 AM

    I though he was dead long time ago. But.

    "Así lo aseguran fuentes en contacto con el equipo médico, que también indican que Chávez ha perdido la voz por completo, a consecuencia del tratamiento médico recibido. Este ha causado daño permanente en sus cuerdas vocales y difícilmente va a poder recuperar la voz. Sin habla y sin poder moverse de la cama, en la que lleva exactamente dos meses, el presidente se encuentra «muy deprimido», apuntan las citadas fuentes."

    Dios castiga sin piedra ni palo. Bueno adios pues que te vaya bien alla abajo en compañia del otro demonio cubano.

  3. Hasta cuando van a estar con la farsa?

  4. Charly1:53 PM

    Daniel, at last some good news. I particularly perversely enjoy the fact he has lost his vocal cords, so no more Allo Presidente unless he wants to imitate Marcel Marceau.

    1. Charly, you're not alone :D It's a good punishment for him, he was so loud!

    2. The curse of the [Spanish] King.

    3. Ricardo,

      LOL. I just wish it had worked sooner...

    4. Boludo Tejano5:05 PM

      Lost use of vocal cords or lost the mental capacity to speak coherently? Losing use of vocal cords reminds me of radiation treatments in the vocal cords area. Lost the mental capacity to speak reminds me of either diminished mental capacity from a stroke or he has been unconscious for two months. Whatever. At this stage, Daniel and commenters are writing a novel that when all is finished will turn into a roman-a-clef.

  5. Will the Vice President and President of the National Assembly hold competing state funderals??

    1. Anonymous3:24 AM

      Excellent point. This will likely be a $100 million funeral. Chavez corpse will travel around Venezuela visiting all the Plaza Bolivars which will become Plaza Chavez. Eventually Bolivar will have a bunk mate. Maduro and Cabello will cry because their thievery days will be gone.

  6. Anonymous7:44 PM

    So Chavez final spoken words may have been weeks ago. I bet it was " gurgle, gasp, gurgle, gasp, gurgle, choke, gurgle, drool,.."

    Maduro interpreted this a giving him full power. Castro interpreted it as a sign Chavez was getting better and would soon give all of Venezuela to Cuba. Cabello said it means elections in a few weeks. The doctors interpreted that Chavez was thirsty and gave him fluids.

  7. When in fact he was saying "It's my other leg! It's my other leg"

  8. Chavismo will claim it is a lie by the imperial conspiracy.

    I think that Chavismo may have squandered their opportunity to ride the sympathy for Chavez to an election victory. After two months without Chavez amidst worsening economic conditions, maybe the rank and file Chavistas are starting to wake up and smell the coffee.

  9. Will Venezuelans outside the country return to help it in this time of need? Who will expel the Cubans and end the siphoning of Venezuela's resources. I hope it happens and Cuba experiences the major economic implosion that has been delayed by chavez's support.

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      The Cuban pueblo are among the most oppressed in the world. I wish them the best. However, it would be justice if the Castro family and close associates faced financial implosion and jail time.

      There is also a middle group of police, military, and esponionage personnel who have violently instilled fear into Cubans. This group will be difficult to sort out.

  10. CaracasBBQ10:21 AM

    The culture chavistas have established amongst the venezuelan people,(both sides) will take generations to correct, assuming that a will to change exists, which I sincerely doubt. Both sides essentially represent that which no one wants to admit, a society in deep deep distress.


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