Sunday, February 10, 2013


And that's there....


  1. Dr. Faustus5:38 PM

    By most accounts it appears that Hugo Chavez will die in Cuba. Were that to take place over the coming weeks the opposition should take full advantage over such a bizarre set of circumstances. Why Cuba? Why does it seem that Cubans are running the Venezuelan government? Shouldn't the people care? Is Maduro more Cuban than Venezuelan? It seems to me that the MUD could swing the election in their favor by emphasizing this simple point. Venezuelans for Venezuela!

  2. Early on in his objective to inform the public as much as possible, Marquina said he had no political ambition. But I wouldn't rule out the possibility, way down the road, based on the huge amount of precision information that he manages, and on his stellar abilitiy to think on his feet. Very impressive. He's earned his spot in the sun.

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    This guy Marquina is no different than the Tarot Card readers that appear in La Bicha y La Cuaima.

    I loved it when Bayly says: "Cuando nos dicen que esta mejor y esta mejorando, nos estan desinformando". DUH! Bayly doesn't know that disinformation is the stock-in-trade of the cuban regime? and this guy has a show on TV that people actually watch???
    Let's see when May comes around and they are still playing the "he is alive game" will anyone of us remember that Marquina predicted he wouldn't live past April.

    Daniel you diminish yourself when you promote this c.r.a.p. Which brings me to another subject, after the election you were not sure what direction you were going to take with the blog. Here is a suggestion: why don't you keep us informed of the day to day trials and tribulations of living in Venezuela. I remember when you used to post pictures of supermarket shelves, empty election centers, reports of what you were seeing right outside your windows, changes in prices. You don't do that anymore.

    My perception is that you (Daniel) are not personally that affected. Of course day to day security is a big issue but so is in Montevideo or Buenos Aires or Miami. You travel internationally frequently (I wish I could do the same). All we hear is that come holiday time Maiquetia is full, the bus stations are full and the ferries to the islands are at capacity. So where is the disaster?

    1. Remember that the audience Peruvian Bayly reaches goes beyond Vzlans in Florida. He is no 'santo de mi devoción'. But I must say, his recent seriousness is a welcome change from earlier buffoonery masked as journalism. And of course, he has to be repetitive and state things; remember, he's aiming for the widest possible audience, including the lower common denominators -- in and beyond the cultural borders of Vzla.

      As for lumping Marquina with La Bicha ... nada que ver. (La Cuaima no la conozco.) Marquina simply explains the medical 'connect-the-dots', as far as he knows them, to the average person. For a 'pueblo' hungry for factual information about their president, good or bad, Marquina is doing a pretty good job, notwithstanding a few holes here and there.

      And yes, Daniel could be reporting a little more on what's happening in his neighbourhood in San Felipe. But you can only do that for so long. In sum, déjalo tranquilo, porfa. Or, offer your services as a guest poster.

    2. immediately preceding anonymous

      and your real point is?

      1) it takes some nerve to bitch at me without even the mere courtesy of getting a handle. if the country makes you sick it is not my fault.

      though I am wondering up to what point you are not a chavista trying to pass for an oppo. it is the first time anyone ever bitched so nastily about my "frequent" travels over seas. if you were indeed an assiduous reader as you claim to be you would know for sure that my travels are an average of once a year, for business usually; that is, the company pays for them. that i take the opportunity to visit some friends after the business days is just opportunity. which also means that i am not loitering at airports at vacation time since i travel on business days, not holidays.

      2) which brings me to this post, dated january 21

      in which you will see pictures of the reality in venezuela. so, are you indeed such a regular reader that you missed that rather important post?

    3. 3) (i forgot)

      again on the theme of the pretend regular reader (and taking note that syd chimed in)

      first, a four words introduction can hardly be taken as a promotion.

      second, syd will vouch, if she remembers, that i have long ago taken umbrage on such type of work. she did not like it when i took down boccaranda, for example. however when serious papers start publishing such stuff and when the regime refuses to release any, ANY, evidence that chavez is merely alive, then it becomes a duty to find possible explanations as to why the regime holds such secrecy.

      whether marquina and ABC are telling the truth is actually irrelevant. they are offering coherent hypothesis as to why chavez is out of sight and it is fair to point them at this time in the game. if the regime hates it, or you, then you all can feel free to present better evidence.

  4. CaracasBBQ11:48 PM

    who cares where he dies, as long as he..........

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    what elections are you talking about, there will ne ver be "clean' elections in Venezuela (or Cuba, or Ecuador or any of the other ALBA" countries. the system is setup such that the winner is always the Cuban-advised countries, I should say Cuban-colonized countries the Cubans have developed a system that works always in favor of whoever they want, they provided the computers, the system and the technicians, unless we get rid of the people who control the elections and no-one other than the current systems will be defeated in a election


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