Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BBC radio podcast

I finally found the podcast from last Wednesday at the BBC. But it is only up for another 48 hours. I downloaded it but now I have to figure out a way to put it up for good somewhere. Meanwhile if you are still interested go to the BBC page where you can find it going down the page at
WHYS 60: Are you mourning Hugo Chavez?
Wed, 6 Mar 13
WARNING: my audio was rather lousy, apparently I was the only one on skype......
Now let's see if the TV one comes on someday....

UPDATE And there is the permanent link!


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I am halfway through - it's really something! Such spin, I may need a Dramamine.

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hugo Chavez Will Remain President of Venezuela


    1. Like "The Onion", a satire, for those not familiar.

    2. not nice to warn the innocents
      bad girl

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Whenever I hear these media talk forums, they are so meandering and undisciplined in their analysis that they actually obscure rather than inform. Guests make statements and comparisons that are inaccurate and when the host joins in, it becomes a greater waste of time. What does Nigeria have to do with Venezuela? Really! I was sorry to see that you were not allowed to develop your ideas. It is the job of the host to guide the conversation and this really got away from the host. Yuk!

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM


    Soundcloud is great for storing/broadcasting audio:


  5. Some observations:

    When the interviewer asked Barry C if he was sad upon hearing of Chavez's death, he answered yes he thinks this or that,and yes he thinks the family must be sad etc.This is so typical of people who confuse thoughts with feelings, and makes them ultimately hypocritical unbeknownst to themselves.

    Obviously he is not sad, but thinks he should be.

    Also the same guy tries to put others in a thought straight jacket by telling us that we SHOULD NOT see Chavez as a Saint or Villain.First of all people have the right to their own thoughts and second of all it is quite possible that while everybody has qualities and defects they often weigh in on one side or the other of a spectrum depending on the context of intention.Having to collapse hierarchies and see people as equal in terms of the scale of good/bad would not allow us to make an intelligent decision about a person or story.

    We do not need a balanced portrait, we need truth.

    As long as people keep confusing their feelings with how they think they should feel, I see little hope.Self righteousness reigns.firepigette

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Was Chavez really the first president born in poverty, did CAP, LHC, Leoni came from wealthy families? Unlike Chavez LHC died with absolutely nothing.

    The whole thing about chavez being a good speaker I don’t buy, Chavez did talk for hours, but that does not make anybody be a good speaker – his many endless speeches were about absolutely nothing, his rhetoric never made any sense –

    First time I ever heard about Punto Fijo being started as a coup, I guess I need to go back and read history books.

    I find it difficult to listen to these people defending the indefensible

    Thanks for sharing Daniel you did an excellent job.


  7. Excellent stuff, still most people have ZERO clue about Chavismo and Venezuela. Daniel did a good job, especially restraining himself, I would have just interrupted some of the STUPID crap some of the people said, by some far less informed participants..

    Minute 27 guy was one of the few with Daniel who were informed and intelligent.

  8. Disgusting, uninformed comments by most participants, though, who had no idea, as most of the world, and the fewer Venezuelans left in our country.. No clue about the crime rates, personal insecurity, the economy down the drain, the unprecedented levels of corruption, even after CAP and others, the massive exodus or brain-drain that has ensued, and the unsustainable MESS this country is gonna have to endure for decades now. Even with the oil.

    They have no idea.. about the RIGGED, manipulated elections, they just talked about refrigerators and drying machines. The corruption, intimidation goes a lot further, jobs or no jobs, cambur pa ti o no pa ti.. no clue.. these international observators should just shut the hell up, and spend a few months in Venezuela, without bribes, that is.

  9. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Daniel, thank you for pointing out the interview. It remnded me why there are people in the world who vote for Chavezes. That Barry person is a piece of work. He could only focus on the money that Chavez distributed to the poor, exaggerating that over 50% of the poor are no longer living in poverty. He and two of the others are not interested in good governance; just in having a socialist-marxist power structure. For every one good aspect of Chavism, one can list 5 aspects that are bad. It is too bad, Daniel, that you were not able to speak more, and you were the only REAL Venezuelan on the call. The other fellow has lived outside VZ for years. My take-aways: Barry is an apologist for all things Socialist-Marxist. He is selectively ignorant of the harm created in VZ society. Socialists are only interested in the well-being of a minority, the "downtrodden". They are not interested in the overall well-being of the greater part of society. The better well-off in society do not count and do not merit any extra thought - they do not have equal rights with the poor. Who cares if the lower middle class on up suffers. It is their just dessert. And, perhaps the most telling comment came from Barry - he said that Chavez being a friend of Castro is only guilt by association - yet again he ignores the bald statements Chavez has made in support of Castro and a Castro-style system in Venezuela.He stated several times that is his goal. Yes, Daniel, they should have let people like you speak who have survived this gargantuan mismanagement of public funds, the legal system, the private sector - an oppression of the best and brightest. Chavez blew his chance. He deserved to go now rather than later.

    1. Very well said, castellagne. But I might add one other group that Socialists are interested in, when they're out promoting a sense of well-being for the "downtrodden": themselves as gods, bringers of jollity and all good things. Dreamers.

      Honestly, there was such crap being dished out by Barry, as well as Bart Jones (Eva Golinger's sidekick) and whoever was the Scottish university prof (natch). I noted Bart Jones's insolence, when he mentioned about Fernando Espuelas: "I'm sure your book is very good."

      Jennifer McCoy was also very coy on certain realities such as the spiralling homicide rates and kidnappings, the 'desabastecimiento'. Good grief, girl, can you and your Carter Ctr not recognize a significant breakdown of society? Is it not critical to mention this? Or is this the way you'd like your neighbourhood to be? How could you miss these ELEPHANT ISSUES in your pouffy analysis of the country? Sentada en una nalga, estabas, mija.

      Daniel, I would have loved to have heard your voice with much more clarity and with a little less delay. Perhaps Skype is not up to the task just yet.

      You might have been more forceful in countering that ridiculous statement of Barry (I think) who said that Punto Fijismo was a coup. Pero qué ignorantes! And the worst thing is that they talk about what they don't really know, deep down, as though there isn't anything that they don't know. A mi me daría vergüenza. Bunch of pontificating parrots.

      I'm glad that Fernando Espuelas got his messages in. I appreciated hearing, too, that very nice Venezuelan who talked about the divisions in his family, as well as the handouts given to those for voting in Chávez. He came across as very balanced.

      Finally, I didn't much care for the rather unprepared host. He seemed to be winging it. Not helping were the marbles in his mouth, combined with his accent from what seemed to be some area in northern England.

  10. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Wow, that was painful to listen to. Some people who think they know so much, but they realise so little. I kept listening only to hear my hero Daniel speak; but it was almost to naught. I think of you as that WWII radio operator living on an isolated atoll, deep in Japanese controlled territory, emitting your freedom-saving messages. Placing your existence in the balance. Keep up the good work. With any luck you won't have to maintain this exciting position for too many more years.

  11. And they talk about "social programs" and crap like that.. Venezuelans, by enlarge, are less educated, poorer (unless bribed with refrigerators and corrupted "jobs") they live in the same ranchitos or worse than ever, they have to steal to survive, (one of the main reasons the Chavista Thugs do relatively well)

    Why don't those BBC "experts" (not Daniel, of course) spend a few weeks in Caracas, where you get killed faster than in Iraq or Afganistan at a red light? Be our guest!!That's what I would have said on that program. Just go there, and pray to God you get back home safely. Not to mention foreign investments, inflation, purchasing power (pouvoir adquisitif) to the ground, massive brain-drain, .. you just cannot live in one of the most CORRUPTED and DANGEROUS countries in the entire world, that's why I left. Can't do business with them, can't raise your children safely, can't stop at a red light, can't go out to dinner without a serious risk of getting robbed or killed.

    And these clowns are "mourning" Chavez, thief among thiefs, a criminal THUG, who would CHEAT at all elections, would never let go of power, would idolize Castro, one of the worst dictators EVER since Hitler, and these "international analysts" on BBC still have good words for Chavismo? Good Lord! Like I said go over there, go shopping in Chacaito or Sabana Grande or even las Mercedes see if they make it alive in one piece. Or try to invest a penny there, from other countries.. Good luck.. Ignorants..

  12. And did I forget to mention.. Chavez DEAD? Good Riddance! I have no fear in saying that. At least he couldn't stay in power for over 50 years like the Castros, who have destroyed and ravaged Cuba for so long, killed so many people, directly or indirectly, causing so much suffering forcing so many exiles, Good for Miami, sure,,, Cubans and Venezuelans are building Miami again.

  13. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Good read from El Pais, for those that read Spanish. Too bad the BBC radio host and several of his guests cannot read this; it is a succinct, comprehensive review of Chavführer's successes and failures. http://elpais.com/elpais/2013/03/08/opinion/1362743193_691007.html
    La Muerte del Caudillo - The Death of the Strongman

  14. Sledege you have become my hero! It is refreshing to hear somebody say it like it is! I had to stop listening to these idiots on BBC or risk throwing up. The worst socialist are those who encourage it from a distance, while they enjoy the benefits of the sistem which they condemn. Next are those who only complain when it affects them. I put the poor bastards willing to sell a vote for a gift, last. This socialist crap has been failing since its inception. The only thing that has ever produced has been a few dictators, tons of poor people and a lot of misery. Their biggest lie is that they will help the poor. Socialism NEEDS THE POOR, that is what their power base is, how can they get rid of the poor then? So they ensure there is plenty of poor to support them. Another lie is their claim that they got XX% people off poverty. It is all smoke and mirrors based on an academic definition of poverty, somebody that lives with x dolars a day. Now if you can add Y dolars to that person a day, just enough to take them out of the definition, he or she is "out of poverty" but in real life, there are still in poverty...if you throw in a healthy inflation they are worst than before. Look at Chile, after 20 years of socialism and the copper at 4 pounds, the poor remained poor. How can you tell me in 20 years with all that money you got, you can't take one bastard truly out of poverty? !#$^ socialism everywere, nothing good has ever come out of it.


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