Thursday, March 07, 2013

Chavez to be embalmed

Words fail me....


  1. Daniel, his body will be exhibited in the museo militar.... I wonder if the desk will also be there. You know, the one he hid under. When they found with soiled pants.
    Very appropriate.

  2. Milonga6:44 PM

    WTF with these guys?? I remember watching that long queue in the Red Square of people waiting in a long line to see Lenin's remains instead of enjoying the Fabergé eggs in the Kremlin!! How stupid can humans be??

  3. y...

    Freddy Bernal: “Lina Ron era como una especie de Madre Teresa de Calcuta revolucionaria...


  4. It is telling that the current situation has been so been so damn chaotic obvious for months, if not years. The UK would have been drilling the LifeGuard, the Household Cavalry and alerting every Ambassador's staff of what exactly what would be expected of them when the time came. Seriously, this is a WTF, every country with a pretense to Western mores should be able to pull off a damn state funeral.

    1. HalfEmpty,

      Perhaps half full as well?

      You must remember however that in the UK there are probably less people are are actively anti Chavez as there are in Venezuela :)


    2. sorry meant to say " less people are as actively anti Chavez as there are in Venezuela.

  5. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Goodbye Christina and the Argentina delegation................. Interesting, No?

  6. Oh geez. I hope they have a good climate control system.

    1. check out youtubes on plastination. (It's creepy.) And the expert originator of the technique (plastifying the body by layers - no need for climate controls) is apparently on his way to Maiquetía.

  7. but images don't fail me:

  8. I wonder if Chavez's body will start touring Venezuela with Maduro as part of their campaign strategy

    1. Charly4:30 AM

      They are so freaking incompetent, I wonder if Chavez's body will start decaying within a few days.

    2. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Stink is the first thing to appear and it is really hard to stop. The chemotherapy may help preserve him.

  9. Anonymous10:56 PM

    At least they should solve their electricity problem, we are in the tropics.

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

    ¿Porque nos dicen que lo van a embalsamar? si esto ya esta hecho hace rato, con el calor que tenemos ahora la gente no se podría quedar así delante sin salir corriendo. Nos mintieron y nos siguen mintiendo.

  11. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Les Invalides to see Napoleon: 9 euro entrance fee
    Lenin's mausoleum: free entrance
    Mao's mausoleum: free entrance
    Mussolini at San Casiano: free entrance (bribes to jump the queue)
    Marx at Highgate Cementery: £ 4 to get in
    Hitler n/a
    Castros to be announced
    Chavez ?

  12. I guess they are planning on embalming him and display him on a glass box

    If they were thinking right, they would fit it with a puppet like mouth that could open and close, put a recording machine activated with a button and charge some dollars to have people press the button and then the machine would play one of his famous quotes and the mouth would move like as if he was talking...and the money collected could go straight to cuba to continue to sustain that other dictatorship....

    You want more? Today I am full of ideas

    It seems that they decided finally to openly trash the constitution, remember it is (Goodgiven Hair) Diosdado Cabello head of the NA who the constitution says should lead the country until next elections...oh and where is Insulza? The self appointed regional "constitution defender" who charged against Honduras and Paraguay...but I digress...since the country is run by "micommandante" appointments (even though he was dying chavez was able to appoint (Ripe) Maduro to headcheese and Jaua as top diplomat...they could make his arms move up and whenever they have 2 people running for a post, they could bring them in front of the glass box, and then a Cuban in a secret office could press a button and one of the arms could lift and point to the "chosen" one...that way Venezuela could forever be run by appointees made by chavez himself.

    How you like that rant for a Friday morning?

    I wonder if Maduro will clain he can talk to chavez' spirit? Talking through a Ouija board, a medium or some other portal to the "other side" got to be easier than talking for 5 hours to somebody who had just had a tracheotomy done...which is what Maduro claim he "did"....

    Do you wonder why they wouldn’t allow pictures of chavez in the box??? Could it be that the freezing and defrosting process made his skin all wrinkle??? Like when you are in the water for too long...

    Ok ok ok...i am stopping here...if I did not tried to laugh about this stuff
    I would have to cry

    1. Nebelwald11:30 AM

      Dude, that must be some awesome coffee you had this morning!

  13. Anonymous10:07 PM

    It is good to display him because later when the revolution collapses everyone can see the idiot who is responsable.


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