Friday, March 08, 2013

One down, two more to go

A reader sent me this picture from his TV today during the "state funeral". No comments needed.


  1. Daniel,

    No comment necessary on the above.

    I found the attached piece from Global Post correspondent John Otis. It is an interesting alternate perspective of Chavez.

  2. Dr. Faustus7:20 AM

    I believe that photo came from the BBC. It is a deeply shocking photograph, one of Lukashenko (Belarus) and Ahmadinajad (Iran) standing by the coffin of Chavez. It represents the personification of evil in the 21st century. Who are these people and what do they want? Ahmadinajad is busily constructing a nuclear device to threaten/bully his neighbors. Once completed, this little man in the photo will possess the staggering destructive potential of a bomb that some like Hitler and his generals could have only dreamed about. He will have the power to determine the very existence of human life on this earth. Why did he travel all the way from Tehran to be there, next to the coffin? Why did a ruthless thug like Lukashenko feel the need to bring his heir apparent, a child, to parade in front of the world television cameras? Really? Is he insane? As I recall, Belarus is a nuclear power as well. The photo captures it all, a changing 21st century political landscape. The 1930's all over again. Disquieting. Chilling. Depressing.

    1. The picture is "as seen on TV", from my correspondent living room. Not that BBC et al did not take as a nice complement of news nightline.

  3. Milonga8:38 AM

    The lady with the white hair applauding is Lucia Topolansky, wife of José Mujica and most voted senator of Uruguay. Sickening...

    1. Please, make sure that the photo circulates in Uruguay ;-)

    2. margareth2:52 PM

      And if Mujica goes first beware of Lucia!!!! She is worse.

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The BBC photo's are here:

  5. Milonga11:32 AM

    Comment on my twitter: Lucia applauds Ahmadinejad on International Women's Day? And feminist look aside? The progressive movement is unstoppable! By the way, Dano, do you have a list of heads of state that went to Maduro's swearing in?

  6. These "leaders" who showed up in Venezuela for the Chabruto Funeral Circus Event (CFCE) are nothothing but hypocritical LEACHES, after the Venezuela oil and riches, as usual. I'm even ashamed at my own direct heritage from Spain..

    It shows us the nature of international Politics: all about hidden interests and future contracts and very often, personal gain for the politicians in shady, under-the-table deals.

    It's CLEAR that the vultures, and international sharks are out in the prowl, trying to get a piece of the pie after an infamous, murderous dictator called Chavez, luckily for Venezuela, is dead.

    I'm ashamed of Venezuela by enlarge, ashamed of all 50 countries who even showed up in Caracas. What a crock of shyt..

    They'll probably show up in Cuba too, after the Castros are dead, after they killed and destroyed and robbed that country for over 50 years, as Chavez tried to do in our Country.

    Why? $$$$$$$$$ and political motives, of course.



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