Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whistling over our graves

Two items today. oh so telling...

Colombia was received by Venezuela for the world cup elimination rounds. We won, 1-0, which puts us closer than ever to make it to a world cup. But that is not all of the story: the regime tried to have a 1 minute of silence at Cachamay stadium in memory of Chavez  Slowly but surely a gigantic whistling and protest came from the crowd and TV had to "lose the sound".....

Meanwhile the regime offered its first fire sale of dollars. A few dozen millions were offered to secret bids. Well, not so secret since leaks already inform us that people are willing to offer between 12 and 15 Bs. per USD.....  In January the currency was worth 4, 3. Even if SICAD manages to stabilize the value at 10 for a dollar (which nobody thinks it possible) this would mean that the currency in two devaluations has lost 57% of its value.  That is right, in two months Venezuelans have lost more than half of their assets.

Now, the middle classes, those who can afford entries at Cachamay (though the regime subsidized a significant amount we are told) have just reasons to boooh and whistle the deceased, and his ersatz. Maybe Chavez memory will be forgotten faster than expected and chavismo will the lone one to blame for that, abusing with the necrophilia since he died.


  1. I saw the game via Directv in the US, and the boos went on for the whole minute.

    The sound for the national anthem also went out (at the stadium) and the whole crowd sang the rest of the anthem with brio! That was a good moment (aside from Rondon's goal, that is!)

  2. To add to the reported price of the $$ at SICAD, yesterday, is the fact that demand was not as high as expected given it was the first auction and Easter Week was getting started.

    Imagine after Easter, and add in that Maduro yesterday said they were working on allowing individuals to participate in SICAD as well and the price should go above Bs. 15 very soon.

  3. Add a third item to your post: Maduro is shutting down and ordered the arrests of the founders (parallel rate website). Seems they've already closed the site, twitter and facebook accounts. Now that should fix the currency problems! (not)

  4. Daniel for those who may be interested in hearing the minuto de "silencio" en Cachamay here is the link:

  5. Daniel, I disagree with you a bit: people that go to the games are usually "pueblo". I mean, there are pricy tickets, especially for this kind of game -cónfilo es para el mundial! But normally you just find common folk in the stadiums.
    I know for a fact, that the "pitas" in the Universitario stadium have been a great trouble for the regime. And, believe me, the public that goes to a baseball game is not middle class.
    I conclude that, at the very least, people hate to mix politics with sports. Although I'd like to believe that they despise chavismo :)

    1. Liz,

      I disagree.People don't think that much before they whistle.It was a gut reaction, though I think you are right about the people being from the popular classes.

      My family has been saying all along that Chavez has lost much popularity among the poor, only it seems that pols and votes do not reflect this .

      Perhaps here we are seeing the truth shining through the propaganda that attempts to hide it.I love it!


  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    "In January the currency was worth 4, 3." That should be 4.3 in English.


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