Monday, April 15, 2013

A first look at the results

Amazingly the CNE has stuff out and I cannot sleep. So there is a first look at the pseudo results.

Maduro has lost about 700K votes from Chavez result last October.
Capriles gained 700K. Not bad.

The recovery from the state elections of last December is even better.  Chavez won all but Tachira and Merida. This time Capriles retains with wide margins these two states and gains Anzoategui, Bolivar (by 30K!), Lara (by 50K!), Nueva Esparta, Zulia and barely misses Carabobo.

Quite a recovery from last December!!!!

Ah!  And my table in San Felipe (where Capriles won by 52% compare to 48% last October) gave him 88.5%.  OK, small consolation but consolation nevertheless.

Oh dear!  should I start analyzing these results or wait until the CNE is overthrown?


  1. Maduro lost 700k, and Capriles gained the same amount? So turnout was roughly the same? In and of itself, equal turnout is a big surprise, but that means thousands of voters didn't just abstain, but switched from Chavez to

    1. i am writing something to that effect, up in a short while.

      and where have you been all this campaign?

    2. This was a point I raised over at Caracas Chronicles two days ago because it seemed to me that crossover votes was being underestimated as a possibility. In other words you can count of a certain segment of the population that is not polarized and will change allegiance. It will now expand with Maduro and the upcoming tightening of the economy.

    3. Very busy, my friend, but lurking as much as time allows. I told you I'd keep reading, just never promised to make regular comments. (Or make comments regularly, for that matter. :P )

  2. The disease of populism continues to affect a majority of the Venezuelan population but maybe it is wearing off slowly.

  3. I was able to find in youtube a bit of HCR speech after elections results. I am not Venezuelan, but that man made me feel very proud today. We all know he is facing overwhelming odds and to stand there and call Maduro and the entire machinery ilegitimate...was a supreme act of defiance and bravery. I believe people in Venezuela and outside needed to hear that HCR and those Venezuelans that hope for a brighter future won't go quiet into darkness.

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Reports of busses of cubans voting remotely inside PDVSA offices in Anzoategui last night after 8:00 p.m. You have asked for proof before, and all I can tell you is that it happened...and quite blatently. If they can do it here, where else?

    1. kernel_panic11:06 AM

      I have problems with the whole "secret voting stations theory" because of this:

      If they do that, they're using CNE machines, the machine is assigned to a particular center, but obviously, this is configurable.

      If they did it, with a secret/unknown/unregistered voting center, then, it's results wont show up in the regional picture, and there will be an inconsistency between national vote and local. To which state/municipality/voting center are those going to?

      If they did it with, configuring the machines to appear as some legit voting center, then, the actas of the center will not match with the result the cne has, proving fraud. Let me explain this:

      Legit center name: güarever
      capriles votes: 10
      maduro votes: 5
      total registered voters: 20

      ilegit center name: secret pdvsa office in anzoategui (as yous ay)
      capriles votes: 0
      maduro votes: 10

      at the eyes of the cne, the result would be legit center + ilegit center, so, thy would announce
      Legit center name: güarever
      capriles votes: 10
      maduro votes: 15

      but the real actas will say capriles 10, maduro 5. and that, my friend, is fraud.

    2. send your evidence to commando simon bolivar. everything else is hot air

  5. Daniel! Wake up and blog! :-)

  6. Carpiles needs not demand just a count, but the difference is easily made up with the fraude and fake/dead voters. HE NEEDS to run the voting records against the death records. We found a relative dead since 1981 voted last fall on the CNE website < Fact with screenshots to back it up.

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM


    Dead on. I don't know how it was done, only that it was. I only commented to make notice, and would recommend looking at every vote past 6 p.m. under a microscope for time, location and against those actas. Chavismo is not used to being checked behind for validity, and wasn't counting on it this time. It should stick out like a sore thumb.

    Daniel, don't shoot the messenger. I am at risk in my location, and the one who actually witnessed this even more.


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