Wednesday, August 07, 2013

As expected, the Venezuelan high court, TSJ, confirms that Venezuela is officially a dictatorship

UPDATED. We just learned that the high court of Venezuela, TSJ, has decided UNANIMOUSLY that the electoral challenges that the opposition sent are not receivable.

There is no surprise there, though I would have expected that at least one justice would have dissented, you know, to save appearances. But the regime is now in full dictatorship mode and the time for such subtleties is past. Long past if you ask me.  Also the reasons for the TSJ to discard the arguments are of no interest. It is proven already that people who were dead voted and that that many had to vote under supervision. This is public knowledge, does not require any court verdict besides the one annulling the vote in, at the very least, those centers where such fraud took place. What the TSJ will write are mere manipulations of the law, which they have been doing at a hectic pace since Chavez got sick to ensure that the regime retains power.

As a side comment, the timing is mildly interesting. Capriles announced yesterday that the opposition was tired of waiting for the TSJ and was going to go international courts with the case. Either he had been tipped about the soon to come expected adverse result, or the TSJ decided a preventive move to cow the opposition down, or at least downgrade the charge of denial of justice. A decision may be fair or not, but a decision at least proves that the judicial system took action......

As far as I am concerned it does not change anything. I am tired of repeating that Venezuela is a dictatorship, officially, since late 2010. Maybe now more will see my point where it matters.

PS: I will write more on this, of course. But where is the rush? We did not scream our lungs out in April, why rush now.

As expected the TSJ dismissal is lame. They claim that 1) that the details were not precise (and the videos? and the lists of dead people voting?) and 2) the challenge had for objective to discredit the institutions more than challenging the results. Duh!  Besides that the institutions are already quite discredited by themselves, it reinforces  the natural tendency of a dictatorship: paranoia.

What to do now?  Maybe I should buy a PowerBall ticket and bail out of Dodge...


  1. Charly9:15 PM

    The CIA managed to get rid of the first parasite. Ojala they succeed with the second one.

    1. The problem is that there are plenty of parasites.

    2. kernel_panic12:09 AM

      ... Giant Secnidazol, maybe?

    3. NorskeDiv3:14 AM

      I think invasive surgery will be needed, with follow up IV Secnidazol.

  2. Meanwhile in the TSJ's little bubble of luxury,excess and comfortable living


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