Monday, February 10, 2014

Tachira heats up

As I said earlier, there is little I can tell, but today there are reliable tweets that are eloquent about what is going on in San Cristobal right now.

a tweet from Maria Corina Machado (sorry, Tweeter does not let me do "embed" today so it is a screen capture)

a tweet from Juan Guaido

And no tweet from Capriles today on that, the leader of the opposition, that I know of. I would like very much to stand corrected.


  1. How is it that Egyptian students were able to communicate while Venezuelan Students are not?

    1. Because I refuse to follow more than a hundred people. So I look for retweeted stuff which i assume, maybe naively, it covers the essential.

    2. El Universal reports on their English language site that Leopoldo López has been stopped from flying to Táchira. He seems to suggest he may be arrested "on grounds of obstruction of air traffic"?

  2. Island Canuck7:17 AM

    Maduro has announced that under the Ley Habilitante he will create a new law allowing him to suspend electoral rights for life on anyone they deem to be trying to push the fall of the revolution.

    I guess we know who the first 3 names will be.
    They are just so transparent these days.

    1. Did anybody noticed that under such a law the revolution would had not been possible because the prime example is the former supreme commander?


    1. This looks very bad and has the potential to get a lot worse.

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    When you repress the opposition to the point where they cannot even speak without fear of reprisals, the groundwork is laid for violent behavior. You are right, it is a dangerous time.


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