Sunday, February 23, 2014

The video on the mother of the raped boy....

One of the horrendous events of past days was the rape at gun barrel of one of the arrested protesters. Her mother declared and the video has been translated by Alex Beech.  Here it is. No comments needed.


  1. I would like to point out that the regime has been noted for its antisemitism and homophobia. So, after 15 years, one should not be surprised that such things are happening again in Venezuela. Chavismo has brought us back to the XIX century or our civil wars (though antisemitism was almost nonexistent before Chavez).

    1. How much of that "new" anti-semitism, do you reckon, has come from "intrinsic" (?) aspects of fascism that Chavizmo embraced, and how much is it due to laying ideological bona fides to their new friend, Iran?

  2. Remember this folks:

    NOTHING can control the heart


  3. General Angel Vivas is on the roof of his house with a machine gun fighting off chavistas who came to arrest him.

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I think this is a huge blow to the govt and it sends a message to the people of Venezuela.


  5. Another victory for the collectivos? did the Minister of Prisons tweet another attaboy this time?

  6. When you deal with extremist thugs who think there is no morality, nothing is out of bounds for them

  7. Daniel, Just posted this to the Huffingtonpost in response to their article about Venezuela

    My reply:

    Ana Benedetti - Please pull your head out of your ___. If your going to follow whats going on, write a detailed blog about it and not what you seen on CNN. So I will help you with links to bloggers who have lived in this this repression for the last 10 years (I've been following for the last 2 yrs) or more..... Please read and you will find the root cause. (you can research back 2003, when the fell came) (Not just about Venezuela, but also about that screwed up little dictatorship that so many celebrities fawn over)

    Please, if you want to help out other people who want freedom like in the USA, read these blogs. Some will break your heart and others will have you wanting to go to war, cause they don't have the same basic freedoms as we do in the USA.

    a minute ago

  8. Hi Anthony, this is the person who posted the video. Thanks for the blog suggestions. Since so many people are on a steep learning curve regarding Venezuela, I thought I would keep it simple. I added a couple more. Thanks for correcting me on that.

    1. Laura2:05 PM

      Alex, thanks for making the time to translate this.

      Daniel, I am low tech ( i.e no video subtitling capabilities that I know of! ) but will always be glad to lend a hand for future efforts towards old-fashioned translation; a la orden! Just translated HRC speech of Feb 22nd for my partner who does not speak Spanish, if anyone is interested.

      Thanks for all you do

  9. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I'd love to see Eva Golinger's response to this.


    Alex,Thanks so much for your work!!!

    I think this video should be translated.I would do it myself but don't know how to edit videos...though I was thinking soon about asking my son to show me.

    I think this video would have even more impact on people in the US.

    Just one personal story while sad and horrifying does not illustrate a sweeping trend...there are psychopaths everywhere committing horrendous acts.

    I think many Chavista type people here in the US need to see the farce of the wealthy vs the poor lie that is going on.

    What I want to know ?: If rich people believe in socialism why don't they distribute their own wealth?

    I personally know people in the US , Costa Rica and other places, who are filthy rich, but use their money largely for traveling and buying expensive items( with only minor concessions charity)...instead of sharing it with others who need it.These same said people hate others for not being socialists.

    With that kind of political corruption... well it just sets the tone for the rest.Layers and layers of lies and human degradation.I have nothing against the rich myself( though I am poor)...but I don't pretend to be a socialist.This lack of consistency is so horribly damaging.


    1. The cynicism in Venezuela however is so great that I doubt this video makes too much impact.What does seem to make an impact however is not being able to travel, and buy the products they want to.Things started to get serious when all that started to happen.

      A lot of people think:I don't care if they steal as long as they let me steal too.firepigette


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