Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A remarkable moment in military-fascist speak: Rodriguez Torres exculpates Capriles

Rodriguez Torres is the interior Minister which in Venezuela is the one in charge of Police and State security. He is also one of the 1992 coup-mongers that was in charge of taking over the presidential household and risk killing the first lady and daughters if needed. He is the one that misses tons of drugs in commercial airline flights but finds needles in haystacks when it is time to find fault with X-opposition leader. So there goes his credibility which does not stop him from being a self appointed contender to Miraflores Palace succession because he belongs to that 1992 murderous "aristocracy" now that Chavez is no more.

With the above in mind consider the summary of a TV interview for state VTV that La Patilla summarizes. In this piece of tone deaf operatic bravura the guy says the following:

- An "informer" has told him that the violence unleashed upon the country was coordinated by Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez and that Henrique Capriles took his distances from them (how convenient to white wash Capriles as the lone opposition leader to meet with Rodriguez Torres, by the way).

- The "informer" a "A1 source" (has to be a top political leader, I suppose) says that not only Capriles was informed but also a bunch of opposition mayors (how come if so many people were informed none of them has chimed in yet?)

- The violence plans were established at Lopez home and at a meeting next day in a hotel East Caracas (a "luxurious" for good measure). The "informer" was present at all of them meetings....

- Informer A1 says that Lopez wanted to burn up cities and in disgust Capriles and some mayors withdrew (again, none of them said anything?)

- About Machado R.T. says that she has to pay, that she is the shadow of violence (Lady Macbeth falls short!). Quote:"That lady MCM wherever she goes she leaves behind violence, fires, injured, death and in its time the law will have to do what it must" (and if he has such evidence how come he has not arrested her in fraganti yet as the constitution allows?)

- He continues "That lady has to pay up because this is not a spontaneous protest of citizenry but a planned violence and coordinated by her and Lopez"

- Only one of the death of last month c an be traced to security personnel (yeah, right, probably none of the injured even if the videos are crystal clear!)

- For good measure R.T. adds that the good results of his fight against common crime have been stunted because of the violence in the streets (you have got to love the irony of the guy unable to stop common crime, unable to control street protests ties them up together to exculpate himself!)

There is a partial video here if you can stomach it.

So, the guy tries to drive a wedge inside the opposition without any hard evidence, even going as far as saying "parillita", a little friendly barbecue where Lopez hatched his plan to burn down the country.  This is remarkable of the mentality of these people at this point: they just come up with the darnedest things as long as it hides their incompetence, eschewing any, ANY personal responsibility for anything. True military louts turned fast fascist.


By the way, Capriles does not seem to support R.T. idiocies whatsoever...

All our support and solidarity with our representative Maria Corina Machado in this new attack on representatives of the unidad.


Irrelevant to this entry but still worth putting up.  A couple of days ago Altamira  was "liberated" by the state which also picked up the garbage. That this same evening the opposition retook it is not my point. The point is that R.T. was taken in picture talking to Chacao mayor and what not and ended up eating an arepa in the area as any normal citizen. Well, there is the tweet and I wonder at how empty that arepera is when at that time of day it should have been full of people. Heck, there is barely a lone guy working behind the counter.... Could he not treat his own body guards at the tables next?


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Yesterday, Pablo Hiriat director of the newspaper La Razon, resigned because he was being forced by another newspaper here in Mexico La Jornada to amend his editorial polices and defend Maduro. That same day, two editorialists from La Jornada were fired for writing about the opposition in Venezuela. La Jornada is a notorious leftist-leaning newspaper but the owner has decided to support Maduro against everything we hold dear such as freedom of the press and expression.

  2. "So, the guy tries to drive a wedge inside the opposition ..."

    Now you know how entrenched are those Cuban masters.

  3. He has the evidence, just as Chavez did with umpteen assassination attempts and same for Maduro and all the evidence re the sabotage against electricity output's all there...oh, wait, they've never ever shown any so perhaps they are crying wolf one too many times that even the most entrenched chavista must see through...OK, maybe not.

    By the way, look at his hands and face in that picture - he is very tense: I mean if you are going to do an obviously posed photo at least TRY to make it real looking.

  4. Auuuvienelobo4:13 PM


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