Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tintin turns 85 this month

For those who do not know where my comic book heart has always resided, there is a corner of my writing desk.

It has accompanied me through my many desks for nearly 30 years.

I probably would not be the blogger that I have been if it were not for Tintin. Do not ask me to explain that, you get it or you do not.


  1. Charly12:46 PM

    Sure, blogging is a modern form of reporting thus putting "Venezuela News and Views" in the league of "Le Petit Vingtième".

    1. I would not go that far. I do not have an editor -;)

  2. Charly2:57 PM

  3. Boludo Tejano10:36 AM

    I probably would not be the blogger that I have been if it were not for Tintin. Do not ask me to explain that, you get it or you do not.

    Comics, with their connections between pictures and the written word, are an excellent way to get children to develop a love of reading. Being the Yankee Imperialist that I am, I liked reading Donald Duck during my childhood years.

    Given Ariel Dorfman's dislike of Yankee Imperialist Donald Duck, I suspect that his choice of French comic books for his children would have been Asterix and Obelix, given the series theme of the Gauls resisting and outwitting the Romans, the imperialists supreme of that era.

    Regarding the connection of comics and politics, I am reminded of Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury, a politically-oriented comic which has endured- and which hasn't changed- in over 40 years. There was a recent kerfuffle in the US about Rolling Stone publishing an article about an alleged rape at a fraternity house at the University of Virginia. After due investigation by independents- an investigation which Rolling Stone neglected to do before publishing the article- it was determined that the alleged rape was a fantasy about a nonexistent rapist. AFTER it was determined the rape was nonexistent, Doonesbury discussed the alleged UVA rape, but with the assumption that the alleged rape was real. After being called on his publishing strips which misrepresented what had actually occurred at UVA, Gary Trudeau defended his doing go. After all, the narrative trumps facts. Think Madsen.

  4. Rocket has way toooo much drag.

    1. But it so much sexier than the real thing. No?

    2. Well Daniel, that's a personal question :). Probably due to my age I am of the opinion that the Gemini Titan combination is the most beautiful thing ever to fly, it didn't have fins. I am going to keep an eye out for that rocket, if I find a flying one will try to get a picture. Click on name to see where I am coming from.

    3. H-E

      Well, Tintin's rocket was way more comfortable than Titan. It had living spaces, a kitchen and gravity boots. Beat that!

      Titan ain't Tintin :-)


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