Monday, April 06, 2015

Fun Poll result

I took the opportunity of Easter week, traditionally the lowest readership week with the one between Christmas and New Year, to run a poll.

Even though visitors kept at a brisk pace (over 4000 unique visitor a day but I suspect at least half coming from those robot spam visits links that one should never open and that Google normally cleanses but has been remiss lately) I figured out that this week represents more regular readers than usual. Stats repeated historical results. Normally people answering a poll represent no more than 5% of those that actually visit a given page/post that week. This week it was even lower (though I did not advertise the poll, on purpose).  

This is all fine because I was wondering how people feel about posts in Spanish that have become more frequent (and that are slowly but surely receiving more hits). Note: I have the feeling that people did not quite get that it was a multiple choice, but that is OK in the end.

72% say that they are bilingual enough, or not bothered by the bilingual aspect of the blog. So it stays that way.

Only 1% wanted Spanish posts elsewhere. I am sorry for those who do not like my posts in Spanish but there are here to stay. And be happy that I do not start putting some in French!

6% only wanted a Facebook page complement (I used to have one but it was a drag for me and I dropped it). So it will remain dormant.

Nobody had an opinion on Twitter. Clearly what I tweet and what I blog have a different customer base.......

2% says that my blog is drivel but 47% that I am the best, so there is a fan base and there are still chavistas that read this blog. Amusing.  And heartfelt thanks tot hose who put the best even though the intention of the question was clearly a joke :-)

Finally, I suggested the idea of a PayPal box. The reception was less enthusiastic. Only 22% would not question the independence of this blog if there were a Pay Pal box and only 17% would be inclined to chip in something if requested.

Now I am going to get a little bit more on this.  This blog, as you know, has never received a penny from anyone. At most it received a dozen lunch/coffee invitations over a decade.  That is that. No one could have paid me to do what I have done since 2003. There is no money for that. Such a labor of love can come only from, well, love.  You have it in you or you do not. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of any, ANY, chavista blog that can even remotely compare to the opposition blogs that you all know so well. Think about it for a minute.... A mercenary runs for only so long, no matter how much money is involved.

But times have changed, currency here is worthless. Who knows what I may need to write some day, such as paying for a domain outside of Venezuela if blogger is blocked or something.  Clearly making a living from this blog has never been an option, no matter how many advertising box one could put, an even less tasteful prospect than a PayPal box.

So I am confirmed in that my reputation of independence is one of the main values of that blog. Yet if need arises I should be ready to put up a PayPal box so as to pay for a domain, or a trip overseas to attend a conference on human rights. Or something of the kind. Never for personal gain, you can be assured of that. The 78% of you that remained silent can be reassured.


  1. I need to run a poll on something in my blog, but I may not get anybody answer at all. Plus I only have six Twitter followers.

  2. Nous exigeons le francais aussi!

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I'm in for PayPal; personal gain or not. If my choice was chip in for what you do vs you not doing it, I'd happily send some $ your way.
    (Sorry I'm using anon; too many clicks to log in. I know. Lazy. But I'm I'm the bathroom so cut me some slack :)

    1. Example of PayPal use.

      My lap top dies. There are no decent lap tops in Venezuela . What to do? Use paypal to have some one bring me one laptop.

      It does not matter how many bolivares i may have. I could not find now a decent laptop to write the blog.

  4. Daniel, although I would gladly assist your cause you would need to be careful that the gov't did not see you blog as a profitable business or they would feel obligated to seize it to spread the wealth. Lol

  5. I hope your vacation was great. I was concerned that the break was a state sponsored one. Keep up the good work.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yes to PayPal and Amazon buttons


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