Thursday, January 14, 2016

Talking on blog talk radio

My erratic blogging over the past two years has removed the attention from the media. But some do not forget about this blog. Tonight I chatted with Silvio Canto and Fausta of Fausta.

You can listen here, it should be up in about half an hour from this entry time stamp. I hope I was not too exalted...


  1. Charly3:35 AM

    "The learning curve" Daniel mentioned in his interview is pretty steep. Just look at Julio Montoya today's intervention about narcosobrinos and narcosoles and all of that on the social networks. They are going to have to get used to it or blow up the whole place. Being too exalted? Come on you where perfect. Great interview. You also say the oppo today would get 10 more seat. In that respect, a few days ago JJ Rendon said that the oppo got in fact 140 seats but got cheated out by dead voters and the like.

  2. It was 119 at one point. I remember sending messages to warn you guys to stop celebrating because the ballot stuffing was going on. At one point Tibisay was aiming at 99, but this was short circuited.

    One thing I learned from Fidel, who learned it from Mao, was that war is fought to kill the enemy until it surrenders and you are sure it can't hit back. I've always assumed Maduro's handlers were taught the same principles, and therefore these guys aren't about to surrender to popular will. You must always assume they are moving pieces to exterminate the opposition. That's the way they are trained.

  3. That was a good interview. I enjoy listening to people who talk thoughtfully and slowly and measure their words well.


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