Monday, October 16, 2017

Numeral inconsistencies


While the opposition logistic mess (so far this is what we see) may or may not prove electoral fraud (that fraud exists from before election day, so there is electoral fraud no matter what) we can only look at some glaring inconsistencies.

Voter participation

This means that the regime pulled 5.5 million and the opposition 4.8 million votes.

The problem here is that the regime claimed 8+ million on july 30. At least 2.5 million are missing. Is that the extent of the electoral fraud on July 30? Some may claim that Caracas, not having a governor, did not vote. But that also applies to the opposition.

As for this one, it claimed on July 14 7+ million. So at least 2.5 are missing.  Is this the size of the abstention? Is this the potential for, say, Maria corina Machado?

Clearly, we have a few liars somewhere.  Or is it that the regime transformed outright some opposition votes into regime votes. Can this be proved? I doubt it, even it did actually happen. Which I think it did but that is another story.

Past vote

The opposition got around 2 million votes more in 2015. That is, say, 7 million. And yet the regime did get yesterday about what it got in 2015.

How is this possible since the country is in much worse shape than it was 2 years ago?  Is the protest abstention really that strong?

We need to look into that abstention a little bit more closely, as much as in fact as to its motivation.


I am not putting my head to chop here. I have doubted often pollsters on Venezuela because there is, among other things, too much blackmail on the chavista voter.

However I have read that all serious pollsters predicted a rather large opposition victory.  This did not happen. Pollsters were dead wrong. Or where they? Apparently they predicted the participation number.  So, they got one and not the other?


These are enough food for thought. Actual details of an eventual fraud are something else.  But it remains that the opposition need to do some soul searching because this "defeat" cannot be blamed exclusively on abstention.  The opposition MUD was clearly NOT PREPARED for these elections. We saw that pitifully last night and today (so far).

Today, October 23, we have that doozie: the president of the national assembly, Julio Borges, says that 1.6 million votes cannot be traced to a real voter. NOTE: this is not about the secret of vote, it is becasue there is missing 1.6 million finger prints. Multiple voting?  Just a thought....  It could also be imaginary voting, or simply "added votes" according to who did not show up.


  1. Hola apreciad@s amig@s alguien conoce a JOSE GREGORIO GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ
    No. de Cédulas:


    Lo imposible lo hacen posible, compruebe usted mismo. Entre en la página del CNE ( y compruebe el fraude. Reenvielo para que toda Venezuela se entere. Vamos a unirnos y luchemos todos por la Venezuela que necesitamos recuperar. ABRAMOS LOS OJOS


  2. There you can you prepare for this?

  3. What difference would it make if massive fraud was proven. Nothing would change, the rest of the world would say some negative crap and the media would enjoy it, but anyone worth a grain of salt and certainly any Gov't with an intelligence agency knows Venezuela has been active with voter fraud and constitutional violations since Chavez. There is nothing left to prove, either the people revolt or they wait for the USA to elect a leader who isn't himself on the take wherever possible and cares to do something. And remember any action the USA may take certainly will not be for the people of Venezuela it would be to slow the power grab of Russia and China in S America, or to help enrich its oil companies.

    1. Tom in Oklahoma6:58 PM

      @ Canadian looking in...I am not quite sure how or why your response to Daniel's post turned into an indictment of the U.S. I don't recall hearing that Canada has offered to step into the role of taking down Maduro's dictatorship. That would require consensus among the other governments of South America and that has not yet happened...probably won't.

    2. I am not saying the USA should do anything. I am just saying the only likely ways this mess can end. Our priminister is the biggest boob of them all. He doesn't do anything but waste tax payers money on environmental causes and look for photo ops. Trump is a self serving liar but I would take him all day over Trudeau.

    3. True Venezuelan looking for hope1:05 AM

      Is Ash Skinner the same person as Canadian Looking In? It seems so to me. Hey Ash you got you aliases confused.

      Regardless, both aliases belong to a prick who hates the United States, a lefty whom I recall many months ago loved Obama giving oxygen to the Cuban dictators.

      Ash or Looking In you've got to find yourself another set of aliases.

    4. Welcome to the board for the 1st time Venezuelan. I am Canadian looking in and have said that 100 times just different devices I post from. Unlike you I am willing to use my real name, not an alias. Not sure where you get your facts from as Trudeau is a lefty govt. I have been a card carrying conservative here in Canada so definitely not a lefty. I love the USA and have never said anything negative about the USA. I am not a big fan of most any politician as few care at all for their people. People to them are just to be manipulated. I have almost always supported the republicans in the USA and definitely align with the right. However unlike people like you I am not a sheep. I don't blindly follow and listen to a leader because is your party and hate on all others that have a point of view that differs. Unlike you I have a brain and use it for rational thought regardless which party has which view. It is not all or nothing. If you find me a prick I have a good feeling that's a good thing as everyone who does not think in your way is likely a prick and I am happy I am not so narrow minded.

  4. So far, the only one who came up with a plausible explanation on this disaster is Nicmer Evans, the rest are still running in circle like a bunch of headless chicken.


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