Sunday, May 20, 2018

We are already May 21

I was not planning on writing today. But three tweets sort of forced me to do so.  They are telling, among so many tweets these days, that we are turning a page, that Maduro with his beyond expected victory tomorrow is in fact is merely closing a cycle.

The first tweet is about those that will not be in the new pages to be written as of May 21: I have named the Frente Amplio. These guys have been trying to take over the deliquescent MUD/UNIDAD for the last three months and they have proposed nothing serious that I know of. And then suddenly this tweet:

"never before was there such ample consensus inside the country and abroad rejecting a processus plagued with inconsistencies, cheating and blackmail". Well, they could have started by reading this blog and they would have uttered earlier such brave words....

And so they propose that we disobey the order to go to vote, that we dress in white, grab our flag and go to church tomorrow morning.

Really? That is their plan? 24 hours before voting starts? In what arse was their head planted all of these weeks?

Since we can pretty much forget about the Frente Amplio to do anything meaningful in the foreseeable future let's see what is in the plans of the futre wanna-be leader of the opposition. Martinez is a connoisseur of Venezuelan electoral problems and even though I do not agree with him on many things, and think he has been dead wrong on occasion, this tweet is truer than truth.

See, in Venezuela, for EACH voting machine each side is allowed to have witnesses. In fact having more than one party support your electoral bid allows you to have more than one witness.  The implication of that is that in a dictatorship like this one, not having witnesses at a voting station is an open invitation for ballot stuffing if all the chavistas in attendance agree. And trust me, they will agree out of fear, the more so if some military are watching. What Martinez tells us is that the Henri Falcon commando has requested that in a multi machine voting center, a single witness can have access to the tally of all the voting machines.
This is wrong on so many levels....

First, it is an admission that the Falcon machinery has not been able to attract the necessary number of witnesses. A semi united opposition could not do it last October and at least in Miranda state got robbed of their votes.  Falcon promised us that he would run until the end only if he was certain that conditions were fair. They are not, they are getting worse, he admits it and yet, he has not dropped out of the race.

Second on a practical point of view a single witness cannot monitor all the voting machines of a single center. Maybe 2 or 3 but some centers may have more. At some point he needs to go to the rest room, she needs to take a break for lunch, etc...  If the others are all in agreement they can have a few extra votes printed for Maduro by the machines and that is that. The witness will get all of the tallies, indeed, but will be clueless as to their meaningfulness. This would be rendered more the easier if participation is low.

Clearly, Falcon may be appointed by Maduro leader of the opposition on May 21, it ain't happening.

Last but not least, on what truly starts on May 21. Clearly the world is not going to put up with a narco military dictatorship that is absolutely unable to learn from its mistakes, refuses to do so anyway and is only hell bent in sweet deals as long a some oil money keeps flowing in the country. Many governments have already made it clear that they will not recognize Maduro, and not even Falcon (1).

So we have for example Sebastian Piñera, president of Chile, doing today this little video where he wonders aloud what is that that pushes Maduro to have such ambition to cling to power against the obvious unhappiness of his people. Of course, Piñera knows why but he plays dumb on purpose, as a way to notify that Chile, as a main receptor of Venezuela's emigration, will not put up with Maduro for much longer. In many Latin American capitals we are already on May 21 and the communiques of no recognition of the electoral result are already written. Fair enough, Maduro already knows his margin of victory.

But as I was typing this entry I received the latest tweet of Henri Falcon today at 5:13 PM. The guy is saying that if Maduro is elected by a million votes it will be because of the naughty ones that stayed at home. So the guy in a swell scoop announces that he lost the election and that it was not his fault, but mine for not finding reasons to vote for him. I shall be punished, as if I were not already punished enough.... (2)

I am sorry, I just blanked out for a second...  As I was saying, Falcon the beloved leader of the opposition, it ain't happening.

I feel strangely like in a new version of the Gregorian Calendar when ten days were eaten up. Nobody cares about the Venezuelan election except to criticize it. All are already dealing with what happens on May 21. The chavian calendar jump.


1) a very unlikely victory of Falcon was finally a discarded option Friday. That the US decided to put sanctions on Diosdado Cabello and his family left then with no other choice but to cling on to power, Hitler-in-his-bunker style if necessary. Neither ones are/were courageous but all of them knew what awaited them once defeat was official. If someone can explain to me how Cabello will now recognize a victory of some non entity as low as Falcon, please, let me know. I am clueless on that. But heck, this blog sometimes get it wrong and Falcon will be declared the winner so he can dictate a full cover amnesty.   Ahahahaah.....

2) It turns out that Falcon has erased that tweet and said it was fake, some form of hacking except you do not recover from hacking in tweeter within minutes. So in case the tweet does not appear later here below the print screen I got from the post as I was checking it earlier, still inbed in the post.  Oh dearest.....


  1. For twenty years you've been insulting the people that didn't want to vote in fradulent elections calling them IDIOTS (yes in uppercase) and instead you have been promoting the vote with idiotic colorful Excel spreadsheet charts that meant absolutely nothing.
    Now this very late in the game you decide that voting is worthless -but not idiotic- and your sycophantic readers call you thoughtful and insightful, what a load of crap.
    No one deserves the misery that you've been getting more than you.

    1. Feeling better?
      You forgot to add that I am gay but I did not write about that for years. Heck, throw in that i liked Hillary over Obama!

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Sounds to me like you have inferiority complex about your sexual orientation, why bring it up otherwise.

    3. That must be it. Thanks Dr. Phil

    4. Time for others to come out of the woodwork? Really? Reading is fundamental, you obviously haven't read Daniel's blog!

      Now I know why Anonymous remains so, who would add their name to such a post?

  2. Tom in Oklahoma7:50 AM

    Theo....go suckle at the tit of your Daddy Maduro and hope your weevil infested CRAP box arrives on time! Oh's sitting and rotting in Cartagena...what a dumb ass!!!!

  3. I'm trying to find my microwave popcorn.....when did this blog turn into

    1. This is predictable. When the regime has a bad day i have all sorts of attacks like that. From any of the extremes though I wonder whether it is the same person with multiple personality disorder.

      My surprise is that they have not started earlier, only today. Do not waste your pop corn. It does not last long.

  4. This election ...or whatever it is's not registering with people who have the means to survive....and there are many....surprising to me that people I know love Venezuela "their" country will try to stay reguadles of this shit....most dont have choices...they ignore the politics...and just survive...
    The B will break a million won't be scarce...just more expensive.......if you have dollars now...they are an "incredible tool" the exchange...then offer half in dollar...there is no hesitation.
    Madyro wins this sham...but chavismo only prolongs the truth...the revolution is exposed for what it is....only prolonging this inevitable....
    Who cares if your gay bro?

  5. Tom in Oklahoma3:59 PM

    Daniel, sorry about my earlier response to "Theo. The comment he posted was obviously a trolling expedition but i shouldn't have taken the bait. Do you have any updates on what the streets look like today?

  6. It's Mega-Fraud Day and few talk about how the fraud is being committed (Tuna can bonuses on the Clapcrap bribes, Colombians and Chinese with shiny new cedulas; Chabestia's infamous Fraudmatic wicked machines with DevilRodriguez and DelcyWhore fabricating millions of artificial votes; the Dead rising from their graves after the proverbial TibiBitch call..). And honestly, who gives a flying fock about anyone's sexual orientation or the insufferable Hilary? Heck, throw in the freaking Royal Wedding endless crap on this blog, or worse, let's discuss the battle of bad haircuts between Rocket Boy and The Donald.

  7. I am wondering if Henri Charrière aka Papillon, a Venezuelan national BTW, is voting this time. Although dead since 1973, he used to in the early days of Chavez elections

    1. Legends in their own time are immortal. You should know better.


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