Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Welcome 2020

Dear readers, it has been two years in a row that the best wishes I received were the prelude of horrendous years of grief.  I am thus quite weary to partake in the ritual wishes.

But one needs to pick up the pieces, dust off, stand up and walk.

So there you go, have the best possible 2020.


  1. May 2020 break that trend. Best wishes.

  2. may 2020 be the worst for us all in Venezuela as in hell as it's becoming to be more and more the same... u know... just to break the streak... and I mean it!!!
    writing from Zulia so u know what I mean

  3. Island Canuck12:40 PM

    Looking forward to"some sort" of change in 2020.
    Best wishes to everyone in the coming year.

  4. Have a great 2020!

  5. been reading this blog since 2002, I want to say thank you again for keeping us informed, and hope 2020 will improve and my condolences again, I cant imagine what you had to go through, I'm glad you are at least in some semblance of normal, in france. i cant imagine whats going on for those in venezuela. my family are all surviving but doesnt appear anyone is happy. wish you the best for 2020

  6. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Thinking of you, Daniel, and wishing you health and joy in 2020.




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