Friday, September 01, 2017

It is unanimous

I am not talking much about the fraudulent constitutional assembly because, to begin with, I do not recognize it (1). Not that it matters, just to make it clear that it is a waste of time to discuss its activities since it is there merely to give cover for any dictatorial abuse.

But a little summary here and there may be useful, if anything for people to have a sense of what it is like to live under a one party dictatorship.

The assembly spent its first month on nothing related to writing a new constitution. Nothing that I know of anyway.  On the other hand it waste little time in removing constitutional rights protections form the still valid 1999 document. Thus the republic's prosecutor was forced into exile and the National Assembly was stripped of its attributions.  For starters, that is.

The next step was to vote a "peace law" which is nothing but the imposition of peace through elimination of one of the parties in the conflict. It is not "la paix des tombeaux" yet, but that some have called for the establishment of the death penalty in Venezuela tells you which way we are headed.  I have even heard words like "we are going to teach them to love".....  a.k.a. reeducation camps. No?

But the transformation of the constituent fraud into a stalinist court has to spill over other areas. Today a new decree was approved "by unanimity" over how to take on Venezuelan economic problems.  Interestingly the assembly decree offers no sign of any measure that may improve store shelves. Its interest is focused on oil industry, here and world wide (?). The other aspects of economy will be directed by the "jefatura politica" of the assembly and the government ("political direction", as ominous as it goes) .  Oh, and people will be summoned to the assembly to dialogue and expose their economic criteria. Like everything else with the dictatorship, dialogue means "come here so I can tell you what you are supposed to do". Never mind who the assembly will summon, certainly not those it ought to listen to.

But all are mere details. My point here is that decisions are unanimous, hand raised, so even if you were not to raise your hand, among 500+ seats who would see you?  And that is the problem because when you follow the time lines on Twitter of some of these guys they are all unreconstructed Marxists, and often violent in tone.

For those who will be summoned to the assembly and decide to go anyway, I have these words from Dante: "All hope abandon, ye who enter here"

1) Just for memory, there is a rather complete explanation about all the reasons that makes it impossible for a democrat to recognize the constitutional assembly. Not to mention the electoral fraud that went along.


  1. Boludo Tejano6:32 AM

    The assembly spent its first month on nothing related to writing a new constitution.

    That is rather telling,given that Maduro and company told the world that Venezuela needed a new Constitution, a Constitution better than the already existing "perfect" (So El Finado told us.) Constitution.

    This was done NOT to write a new Constitution, but to replace the National Assembly that Venezuela voted for in December 2015. Similarly, when a union didn't elect a Chavista to head it, Chavez would create an alternate union. Chavez copied a tactic that Allende used with unions.

  2. its evident the Constituyente will focus on creation of a Castroite dictatorship, preserving a "democracy" cover to satisfy their propaganda needs. The good news is that they'll continue to destroy the oil industry, lose cash flow, and sink into their own swamp. On the other hand the bad news is that European and Latinamerican nations are treating Venezuela almost like they treat Cuba, and seem prepared to abandon it to its own fate.

  3. As with all dictatorship..."It's ALL smoke and mirrors!"

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