Saturday, February 28, 2004

Video amateur and amateur theatrics
Saturday 28. February 2004

Rested, I can face TV and the news again.

The hour of video amateurs has come. During the day, Globovision (and other media I am sure) has been passing video received from people that were using their high rise apartments as recording studios. Quite interesting images, documenting from diverse angles the brutality of the National Guard. This brutality breaking, of course, the constitutional provision of Article 68 that I posted yesterday. Really there is no words needed when these videos are shown.

To this you can add the amateur theatrics, although when you reach the level of the Vice President, the term professional actor might be a more indicated term. He showed images that supposedly support the argument that the National Guard was unfairly attacked by nasty opposition members holding an unmentionable agenda. Being the Vice president he had to entertain some questions from the media, besides Discovery Chavez that is. When certain questions mentioned concrete facts his response was "I am not aware, I am not informed". Helpfully, Globovision transmitted images that are missing from the repertoire of the Vice. Those that illustrate real violence and real gun power.

An the true amateur theatrics of Jorge Rodriguez (the CNE rector) complaining of harassment where followed by other theatrics that are not so amateur anymore since they have been practicing for two years now what to say in front of the camera. Juan Fernandez of the fired oil workers organization, and Rafael Alfonso of the last year negotiating effort replied to Rodriguez. They reminded Rodriguez politely but firmly that their own lives have been constant harassment for the last two years. They also reminded Rodriguez that his unlawful actions would call for more harassment that they could not control. That his decisions affected more than his own family, they affected all of Venezuelans families. And that he should stop his lies, in his earlier presentation, as the opposition has not accepted any of the things that he implied had been accepted by this one. In other words, if he wants people to see him as independent, then he should start acting as being independent. Clearer answer to Rodriguez could not have sent!

The tone of the opposition is hard and direct. The tone of the government is shifty and "conciliatory". Where are the real theatrics?

Tomorrow is looming quite pregnant.

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