Saturday, July 17, 2004

The NO! campaign in Yaracuy

Saturday 17, July 2004

This afternoon chavismo tried to activate a little bit better its campaign in Yaracuy. I did hear a few of those loud trucks going around singing the "Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va!" and calling for a "caminata" (a walk, not a march) this afternoon.

Well, the walk came, and even if the loudspeakers were loud, loud, it was all bark and no bite. I did take a pic from above. What you see is about 20% of the people that were there, three lightly filled blocks on a minor street. But at least a street where supposedly supporters of Chavez live. You can observe the red shirts and the NO! signs, duly in red. No relation with the commie red, of course :-)

Not a very strong demonstration, but at least a peaceful one (for the noise) adequate for our small town atmosphere. Still, Lapi would have pulled ten times as many people!

You can also see a mango tree full of mangoes.

Only 30 days
until the Recall Election
on Hugo Chavez.

Do I want him out?

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