Thursday, September 30, 2004

A quick note on the road
Sumate to jail and the Carter Center mired in muck

I have been traveling and too busy to post regularly while a few interesting things are happening. So, there is a quickie.

Today, finally, the government has decided to indict SUMATE executives. The weak reason: because they accepted foreign money, namely the NED. This of course from a government that has been throwing money to all sort of leftist groups around LatAm, not to mention its partiality to the FARC and ease of use of Venezuelan lands to all sorts of Colombian "dissidents". But then again what else is new? Pseudo lefties of the Chavez type have always been particularly good at using double standards. And when you have managed to control the judicial system, why not?

But the real interest here is the timing, again. At a point where the CNE might have to accept a few changes to make regional elections it is crucial to destroy the main electoral machinery that could help the opposition save a few townhalls and state mansions. The "evidence", as it is, has been long known and indictments for treason to the fatherland could have been issued long ago. I mean, is it a heinous crime or is it not?

The Carter Center is at it again. Now, their new report seems to be a little bit more critical of the Venezuelan electoral system. Though they still swear by the results that they quickly certified. Interesting, no? Could it be the sudden Florida sting? Or the fact that they are reluctantly acknowledging that their reputation is severely damaged. In a forum today (or yesterday, I did not quite understand) Ms. McCoy acknowledged the following when asked if the referendum helped solve the Venezuelan situation:
"Dijimos antes de ese proceso que un revocatorio no podía resolver todas las diferencias, fue importante porque la gente pudo expresar sus preferencias sobre el mandato del presidente Chávez. No ha resuelto las diferencias y tal vez ha creado nuevas divisiones, en algunos aspectos"
according to El Universal translation. I would like to have the exact words in English so I will not dare to translate back. However! However!!!! Clearly Ms. McCoy subconscious is betraying her. She recognizes, in my opinion, that her "peace" mission has failed "might have created new divisions". Indeed!

I would suggest her, and her boss and co-workers to take a hard look at their actions in Venezuela. Some healthy dose of self criticism is in order. At least for any future observation that they might undertake.

But I digress. In that new report, the Carter Center is suggesting to do stuff THAT SHOULD HAVE DONE ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 15. It is a little bit late now. And the preachy words for a reconciliation smacks too much of demanding the opposition to bear with chavismo as the CC KNOWS TOO WELL that chavismo controls everything and that there is only protest left for the opposition. What negotiations is the CC talking of? Be serious!

But I am always willing to help and I am going to offer a way for the Carter Center to start redeeming its image: take a stand for SUMATE. I am not kidding, putting real pressure on stopping that Sumate hypocritical witch hunt (an oxymoron by the way) would go a long way in having people in Venezuela think that the Carter Center does care about democracy and the rule of law.

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