Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Closing for the day

Just a few observations to tie up some loose ends.

It seems that all my fellow bloggers, the ones blogging in English anyway, have got on Carter's case. It seems, very sadly, that his reputation is done and over in Venezuela. When 4 bloggers coincide so fast, then there is something really wrong going on. I suspect that his recent opinion in Florida will blow fast on his face as soon as people there start pulling out the Venezuelan controversy. I must confess that I am saddened by it all. Until June I thought the world of Carter and his foundation. But as the days went, I guess that I should have expected the August 16 noon show. The Carter Center just implode in Venezuela, unable to prevent abuse, unable to present a moral light to the country, muddling around trying to pretend to be more than what it was, instead of taking a principled stand and leaving the country. But Chavez seduced them, and probably on the cheap. I bet you Kerry chances in Florida will be hurt more than helped by Carter muddling there.

Union Radio publishes the declarations of Carolina Jaime where she states unambiguously that Kornblith should replace Zamora if all the appointment process of August 2003 has any legal validity, or rather morality. In other words, it remains to the High Court to demonstrate that in Venezuela there is still some shred of legality, precedent, morality, fairness, well, those things that make a democracy a democracy. Fat chance I suppose...

An interesting declaration from an historian, Blanco Munoz. According to him, the August debacle and the present CNE crisis are in part due to AD and Copei trying to keep a quota of power, even at the expense of democracy. AD and Copei not believing in true democracy anymore than chavismo. Chavismo being as any party in Venezuela's history, a multi-class party, rife with internal divisions and struggle for internal parcels of power. And Chavez will have more and more of a hard time to satisfy this greed. I like it when I see part of my thoughts corroborated by others with more exposure than this very humble blog. People tend to forget that most of chavismo is composed of ex-AD and ex-Copei, only the leadership coming from the Army with a few from the marginal left. Plus cela change, plus c'est la meme chose.

I will be very busy and on the road for the next couple of days. But I wrote enough these past two days, in particular the press review of Sunday that I hope will not be missed by readers. Unwillingly some of it helps explain what is happening since I posted it! I will try to find some time to write, but I have a job to hold to... and today I took too much time away of it!

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