Sunday, October 31, 2004

4:30 PM update

I am going to take off to sense the street. I will be back in a couple of hours. So I am leaving with a quick update.

Polls will remain open one additional hour! Instead of closing at 4 PM, they will be closing at 5 PM. On August 15 they had to remain open until midnight. This time there are not enough people and they will remain open an extra hour to see if folks show up. Apparently Rodriguez realizes that abstention is too high (for his cheating scheme?)

Hey Rodriguez! This is what happens ANYWHERE in the world when people do not trust the electoral umpire and the system is too complex! Got that?!

El Universal has already out a photo gallery of the day!

And for your Sunday chuckle, an English version of the "vice" declarations on wishing the US an electoral system as transparent as the Venezuelan one.

This is it for now. You have plenty of just posted pictures and links to more to entertain yourselves until I can come back, hopefully with some results.

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