Saturday, November 27, 2004

Supreme Hypocrite on Ukraine

El Supremo strikes again. Leaving Russia he declared that in Ukraine there are interferences from the West. In other words, Chavez is doing EXACTLY what he is complaining about, intervening in other people's business.

Where were the Venezuelan observers in Ukraine?
What does he need to speak about that while IN Russia? Why does he need to speak about that HIMSELF for that matter?

Again, Chavez has that unique knack to justify his critics ASAP. Indeed, he went to give a hand to his good old friend Putin to ensure his domination over the remains of the Soviet Union.

Perhaps Chavez is wrong, he does not need to get inside the Internationale Socialiste as it was indicated while in Spain. What he needs is to create the Internationale Autocrate. He got his first member during this trip.

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