Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Carlos Herrera detained

The Danilo Anderson murder saga continues. I know I didn't want to write on this anymore until something really new would take place, but today bizarre event cannot be ignored.

In the first days after the bombing of Danilo Anderson car, one of Caracas municipal council member, Carlos Herrera declared that Danilo Anderson was getting pressure from some people within the Chavez administration so as not to inculpate some of the folks in the 400+ list of the Carmona decree signataries. Presumably some folks doing fat business with the government (remember, money does not stink).

I did not pay much attention because in today Venezuela it is difficult to believe, and even less to trust anyone. But Carlos Herrera who claims to be one of Anderson's best friends persisted even though the vice president Jose Vicente Rangel said that Herrera's words were "garbage". This was rather novel, I must say.

Days went by and suddenly this week end Isaias Rodriguez, the Nation's General Prosecutor decided that indeed one should pay attention to what Carlos Herrera was saying. Duh! In an investigation of the importance of Anderson's assassination, all leads should be followed!!! But I suppose that it is better late than never.

So off to see Isaias Rodriguez went Carlos Herrera today. Except that on his way he was "detained". Apparently without arrest warrant, though he did manage to call Globovision (?). And his place was also searched. We do not know whether there was an arrest warrant for that, but since the Lopez Castillo search apparently there is no more need for such delaying bureaucratic procedure. Revolutionary Justice must be swift we have been told and forms, of course, are not very revolutionary. Though later on the police declared that he was not arrested but "cited", all a big misunderstanding (though he was made to go, or something like that, which would be ridiculous because Herrera has been wanting to declare for a month!!!)

So we have a few interesting possible speculations tonight. Does Herrera really knows something? Did they arrest/cited/stopped him or not? Did they stop him to buy him out? To intimidate him? Is this some big somke screen while they have some one else fall? To distract while they look for the real guilty party? Is Herrera a decoy from the real murderers? Will C.S.I. next season inaugurate a CSI Caracas annex?

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