Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Jesus Soto, 1923-2005

Jesus Soto was the most famous Venezuelan artist alive, creator of the "kinetic movement in sculpture, an artist who had the honor to see in his lifetime a museum to his honor built in Ciudad Bolivar. He lived in Paris since 1950 so one can even wonder if he was still a Venezuelan citizen, though he certainly was at heart, giving many art works to the city. Some of these art works suffered quite a neglect by the recipients, in particular the completely ransacked monument on the Caracas main highway, a monument who has "lost" all of its parts to scrap metal collectors.

And then we wonder why he chose to remain in Paris.

Nul n'est prophète en son pays.

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Articles and photo galleries here,here and here,unfortunately not very good as for his work representation. Actually I could not find a real good site, an art gallery here and there showing one of his works. If someone has a good link, please send. However the extensive collection of works made on commission for public buildings should grant us soon a decent book and web site. Death as a strange day in enhancing artists...

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