Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Wall Street Journal on Europe and Cuba

Excellent editorial, smack on the moral ambiguity of Europe, in particular asinine leaders such as Rodriguez Zapatero who seems to have been too young to remember the evil of the Franco years. I quote the end:
Europe, seems to confuse the country with the regime. Europe must decide whether it wants to be best friends with Cuba or with Castro. It can't be both.
Let's hope that Europe will not be put in the same position regarding Venezuela. Seen from some embassies in Caracas, such as France and Spain, one can only worry (which by the way demonstrates that suckers come equally from the French right or the Spanish left). I suppose that I should support the European constitution after all, the Eastern Europe countries definitely seem much clearer on Castro (and Chavez?) than the morally bankrupt French and Spaniards who somehow cannot seem to shake away their vision of what is good for the natives...

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