Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just as I was writing a few hours ago on Zulia!

Globovision is showing images of the rally being held, as I type this, on 72 nd street of Maracaibo. This rally was originally scheduled as a campaign closing event in Zulia state. Well, I can assure the reader that it is one of the biggest rallies we have seen in Venezuela in these past few months! It certainly would compare (favorably?) with anything Chavez tried recently.

The rally is named "Marcha por la Zulianidad", march for the Zulia-ness. Considering the enthusiasm shown by the people as seen on TV, it looks like recent events have enhanced its meaning. Regionalization (waiting for bigger words?) is becoming an important rallying factor in Zulia. And Chavez is to blame.

Meanwhile, the vice in yet another show of stupidity or machiavelism (one is never too sure with the vice, except that he is vicious) accuses the State Department to be behind the withdrawal of the opposition candidates. So I could leave the reader with the image of George W. Bush losing sleep over Venezuelan parliamentary insted of, say, Iraq if it were not that State has already adressed such nonsense, actually appreciating the reasons of the opposition. I think that the Carter Center is not going to get any phone call these days...

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