Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The scared CNE

It is quite easy to see when obsequious lackeys are having cold sweats. I was listening to a replay of CNE president Jorge Rodriguez speech earlier today. As the CNE Titanic is sinking after its run with the Fila de Mariches iceberg, Rodriguez plays the band announcing that almost no one had “officially” withdrawn and the CNE "unanimously" decided to extend the dead line for candidacy substitution. That is, the deadline set for when some candidate dies or resigns or is impeached will be extended until sometime this week end. Let’s see how the shrink has lost his head and how much disregard he has for our basic intellect:

  1. So, if your CV does not allow you to go successfully through the many hoops to be allowed to run, you just need to wait for someone to resign at the last minute to jump in, without having to do any electoral campaign
  2. He also forgets that political parties might have a say as to who replaces whom in their lists.
  3. And the best, of course, when Rodriguez announces proudly that only 0.something % have withdrawn, he assumes that the withdrawing parties have nothing better to do but to stampede to remove their candidates name from the list. Well, if 1 and 2 are true, they certainly will wait until the very last minute to submit the “official” resignation form. I leave the reader appreciate on the right side the sublime moment where Rodriguez was showing the 0.1% withdrawing at 2 PM today. Words fail me.

How come Rodriguez has not resigned? I mean, how shameless one can be?

Meanwhile it is amusing to watch the CNE squirm in the worst damage control I have been watching in quite a long time.

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