Thursday, February 09, 2006

Enabling smiles from Tal Cual

Today Tal Cual has three interesting items.

Band of Brothers

The first one is an editorial comparing the electoral game of Bush and Chavez. The editorial title is “Brothers” since the point it to show that Bush and Chavez use EXACTLY the same language to win elections: if you are not with me you are betraying the interests of the fatherland, you are anti-_____(fill in blank according to your country of citizenship) and you are _____ (blank filled with an insult, reserved for Venezuelans routinely insulted by their president, and I am not talking insult to one’s intelligence now routine).

But if Tal Caul publishes this, it is to remind the reader that Teodoro, now a potential presidential candidate, has been criticizing Bush BEFORE Chavez did.


This picture is priceless. Chavez and Maradona as best pals. Apparently Chavez who has sponsored a Samba school has rented a lodge at the Sambodrome to watch his investment. This all, of course, at tax payer expenses (or is it that PDVSA is now legally his property?) And Chavez is rumored to have invited along Maradona. To caution his Rio spending trip?

Now considering the drug past of Maradona, and considering that Chavez spends Venezuelan money as if he were on drugs I could not but make the rapprochement that both are enablers of each other. In psychological terms, and drug rehab too, an enabler is the person that knows the other one is doing wrong but still goes along and even facilitates, enables, the “diseased” one. Often the enabler will plead total ignorance when confronted, and even go long ways to defend the other party. It is usually a psychological mystery how so many enablers can put up with the other side ruining both lives.

Maradona turn to politics, and the left, helps him some redeem his rather tarnished image. Of course Chavez cavorting with the druggie, but an o so popular one, refurbishes his man-of-the-people image just as he will be sipping expensive scotch in Rio with Maradona and pals, watching sexy sambettes. Meanwhile still many Venezuelans cannot afford a TV, and even less cable, to watch the event.

Ah! The ironies of life!

Bloggers are fast

Besides the suspicion that Tal Cual read this blog on the Samba affair, it also reports that the victory of Leones de Caracas last Tuesday was not reported by VTV (this was reported first in this blog but the voice is running around as many seem to have observed that void!). In fact Tal Cual confirms that also Vive TV did not manage to make a 1 minute break to announce the Caracas win. And dryly points out that both VTV or Vive have absolutely no technical problems in connecting in a few seconds to a live coverage from Havana. You may draw your own conclusions but mine is that sycophancy runs now so deep within chavismo that poor Chavez might have actually been watching the game and rooting for Caracas and yet his paid adulators preferred to ignore it all, just in case. Maybe if he finds out he might realize that sickly sycophancy is actually not helping him. But I doubt it.

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