Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alek and friends keep making the news

El Universal carries today a note announcing the walk that Alek Boyd and a group of friends including Mohammed Mehri and German blogger Patricia Wegenast are doing in Europe. The objective is to sensitize the European Union as to the electoral plight of Venezuela, to ask them to demand a 100% ballot counting in case they decide to observe elections again. They aim to achieve this with means such as showing the video on the Tascon list "La Lista" and demonstrating the use of the Maisanta program to European personalities.

Let's support them, and for those who can make donations, please, please, donate some as these guys need food and shelter along the way, not protected by Chavez deep wallet. You can do so directly with PayPal at the Vcrisis page sending a note to Alek as to its use for the march.

Or you can deposit directly to Patricia Wegenast special account

Bank: NASPA Niedernhausen
For : Patricia Wegenast
Zweck (reason) : CAMINATA
Account number: 0238130611
BLZ: 51050015

And if you deposit from outside Germany (most people's case)you need to use these numbers

IBAN: DE54510500150238130611
Swift: NASSDE55

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