Thursday, May 25, 2006

Little moments that make your political week

Jorge Rodriguez, former CNE head, and now Venezuela's designated electoral observer to Peru has been banned by the local CNE (JNE) from observing the second round vote between Humala and Garcia in two weeks from now.

This is quite good.

Rodriguez, the Venezuelan opposition "Bête Noire" who has made a career of protesting his innocence and impartiality (courtesy of the Venezuelan state protection state and a judicial system that would not lift the tiniest finger against him) could not pull it off in Peru. Well, he was also rather heavy handed there. See, Rodriguez, like Chavez, is the kind of rather misbalanced person that think they are always right and thus see no reason why they should discuss matters. A "socialism of the XXI century" sort of my way or the highway.

But in Peru, where thankfully there is a modicum of rule of law, people were not fooled. When they saw Rodriguez escorting and controlling Humala right and left, as Rodriguez was supposed to only observe, well, they got the idea that we in Venezuela have long known: Rodriguez is a man on a mission. Rodriguez has been named to ensure Chavez perpetration of Chavez in power. Now that is time is over his new mission was to expand Chavez power through LatAm. But it seems, like his boss, that he lacks the elemental diplomatic skills of at least emitting white lies to smoothen bitter pills.

Let’s pause a moment and savor how this arrogant shrink got slapped.

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