Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ramirez speech does not get him any friends

Watching how chavismo is trying to cover for the terrible Ramirez speech is perhaps even more degrading than the speech itself. Even the judicial system chimed him fast saying that there was no crime whatsoever in Ramirez speech. But I can assure you that if I were to hold a speech like that in front of the employees that I supervise the "Inspectoria del trabajo" will promptly be investigating my place of work, send me the SENIAT, harass me with security regulation breaks of dubious nature, block my CADIVI access and what not. Since apparently nothing will happen to Ramirez we are left with the morbid spectacle of Chavez supporters falling over each other trying to justify what cannot be justified in any civilized society.

Reactions come from readers. One wrote me a long letter in Spanish and I asked for a translation, with the necessary safeguards. After all ex PDVSA are tracked down as chavismo wants them to die of a slow death: the Ramirez speech has a past. Below this letter from people who used to work at PDVSA.

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My dear friend,

last night, while watching the video for the nth time, I realized how innocents we Venezuelans are as a group/nation. That includes my family, my circle of friends, the dozen or so people that comment frequently in the blogs, etc.

We will not get out this without shedding blood. And we are not the ones that have the power of the arms.

There are people who are not amazed anymore by the actions of the government. I say all the opposite. I amaze every time from the badness, the hatred and wickedness of them. They are sick people. And they have infected the whole country with such immorality. My partner in life watching the video asked "and these are the ones who will surrender power, if they lose the elections? HA ".

We belong to the 20 thousand families execrated by the revolution. We have suffered much penury - from the economic point of view- but others have it worse. We are grateful to our family who always has lent a hand to us. My companion worked almost 20 years for the industry, since graduating from college. For us, Pdvsa was like our blood. After 4 years of tumbling around, working for almost a charity salary and closer to being 50 years old, the poor one has said during the last months, that sometimes regrets what was done, that maybe to work in Pdvsa and play deaf and blind would be a nice idea after all; meanwhile one waits for retirement. Last night - while I almost cried in rage- the sad spectacle of Ramírez did not stir any feelings in my companion. Being already dead on the inside and having grown a very thick skin after taking so many blows. BUT, we concluded and understood that NEVER would a person with high moral and ethics could work under those circumstances.

My mind wanders, from the fact that those people do not have any dignity, to believe firmly; that the money they gain is blood money and it will backbite them at some point in life. But I have reached to the conclusion that everything is lost in this country, the misfortune of being an ignorant nation will be paid by everybody. Including the ones that are not at fault. Although as a family, we have done almost the impossible... and our only consolation is to think that we did it and we will do everything in our power.. but sadly at this moment, it looks like a grain of salt in the ocean.


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