Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Venezuelan political prisoners refuse pseudo "amnesty law"

There is an interesting development these days in Venezuela. The government is realizing that it has a hot potato in the trumped charges that it has managed to bring forth to shut up a few of the opposition voices. The most notable of these abuses was the jailing of GENERAL USON FOR THE MERE FACT OF EXPRESSING AN OPINION in a talk show. Uson thus became the poster boy of political prisoners in Venezuela. A few days ago he refused a possible "pardon" from Chavez stating that he had nothing to ask forgiveness for. In fact, Uson knows that his case his making his way into international tribunals and thus soon enough he will be vindicated. And Chavez, knowing that, is trying to avoid this international embarrassment by pardoning Uson.

But other cases will also meet the fate of Uson's one. Thus, trying to avoid future embarrassment, Cilia Flores, better known as Silly Flowers to the opposition blogging community, has proposed that all these prisoners present apologies, declare that they are sorry and they will benefit form an expedite new amnesty law from the National Assembly. She presides that assembly just because she happens to sleep with Nicolas Maduro, former chair and now foreign minister. A perverse family business of sorts, if you will.

Well, the prisoners rejected the offer.

This is such a great Christmas tale, the bravery and integrity of these people so unjustly jailed just because they opposed the mediocrity of chavismo. While 63% of Venezuelan folks preferred to close their eyes on such cowardice as long as they kept receiving some "benefit" from Chavez. I am impressed.

-The end-

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