Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogger's folly

One editor of the WSJ takes a hard and harsh look at the blogging phenomenon. Joseph Rago reminds us that famous quote of Joseph Conrad's judgment of newspapering--"written by fools to be read by imbeciles". Ah!! The dangers of taking one self too seriously, something that bloggers must fight everyday if they want to retain any little bit of credibility :)

Anyway, I feel comforted in my words of the other day. Only "niche" blogs who only intend to supplement newspaper information (implied from their editorial lines) can bring something and are interesting to read. Unfortunately we seem to find that in more non-US blogs, whereas the US blogs tend to be a tad too navel centered, in particular the conservative ones (though many Liberal blogs are equally unreadable, think Lieberman campaign!)

Anyway, this piece should be mandatory reading for anyone writing a political blog! And for many who posts comments that think are even more important than the blog post or the news alluded to by the post (I have a few PSF in mind on this matter).

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