Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Books and stationery bombed in Iraq

Iraq is many things. One is that there is a group of people who are using Iraq troubles to bring it back to a medieval obscurantism, who would like very much the Sharia as the only law and who would love to see women in Burqa, preferably illiterate. If you need to convince yourself of that just look at the latest Baghdad bombing, a totally useless one (as if there were any useful, to begin with, in a civil war). A street which in better days was a literary street, a sort of Harvard Square before the GAP et al. took over, was bombed yesterday. There is one thing about such pseudo revolutionaries who give lip service to the US occupation, when everything is said and done: more important for them is what will Iraq be once it is freed of the US. If Iraq is not going to be according to their mental construct, and mental is used here in all the richness of its meanings, then they probably do not care much about Iraq freedom and they will have no problem destroying everything.

A moral abject lessons for us, to watch against all Taliban like revolutionaries and guerrillas, from Iraq to the FARC, or to the dark lurking extremes that chavismo is slowly nurturing inside and who probably would not mind having a few books and papers and TV stations burnt down.

-The end (of this once in a blue moon stray outside of Venezuela politics, a subject heavy enough by itself)-

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