Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The Washington Post today carries one article and one editorial that could reflect a vision of what Venezuela could be, or will be.

A distant mirror?

In Colombia, it seems that finally justice is edging toward punishing all, Paramilitary and FARC terrorismS (plural intended). The general attorney might be asking for the extradition of Chiquita executives who had no qualms paying the paramilitary AUC for protection. It will be interesting to see if the demand is indeed proceeded and more interesting to see if the US will accept the extradition. Time of truth for both?

Of course, this is a totally unlikely scenario for Venezuela currently. The judicial system is a shambles and a shame. No sane country would accept extradition to Venezuela for any crime that has nay political connotation. It will be years, (decades?) before the submission of the judicial system to Chavez can be reverted to an objective system where the guilty are guilty and the innocent are innocent. Right now justice is politically directed as you can see it from the scandalous trial of Simonovis, Forero and Vivas. All procedures have been violated in the desperate quest of the government to keep them in jail while chavista guilty parties of the April events of 2002 enjoy the pleasures of life , including an embassy position for Lucas Rincon who announced the resignation of Chavez on TV. Yesterday we were regaled by one of the delay tactics of the prosecution: apparently there was a taped video that included a few minutes of National Guard shots during April. But the video was taken from TV and taped over the start of some silly movie also taped from the TV set. Well, the tribunal had to watch the whole movie while people wondered what the Nazional Guard shots segment itself were bringing to the case (there must be thousands of such home made videos of people watching TV these April days...). Apparently the prosecution knowing it has no case against them is trying desperately to delay the trial, à la Anderson case.

that is, if you are anti Chavez you will be screwed, the more so the more innocent you are.

A not so distant mirror?

Mugabe has suggested that he might seek yet another 6 year term (which he will probably finish in a wheel chair with IV drip on the side) and he has promised nakedly that opposition leaders will be beaten by police with iron bars. How long until Chavez announces that for Venezuela? should we make a blog poll?

At least the antics of Mugabe are finally steering even the excessively complacent African Union into uttering some mild reproach. But see, poor Mugabe has no oil whereas oil is a powerful anesthetic for the OAS who has sunk into such irrelevancy that even if Chavez decided to walk out, it might make not the slightest effect whatsoever. Let's put it this way: the OAS mediocrity makes the UN look good.

-The end-

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