Wednesday, April 04, 2007

commie indoctrination in Venezuela and the end of trade unions

The government is starting to organize the large scale "socialism of the XXI century" education. This is nothing more than rehashed and semi updated commie indoctrination programs, adequately sugarcoated to fool the fools.

This week we have been reminded of a desire to control education to which was added a potential control of private health care. "Protecting the rich also" was Chavez latest inanity. As if he were able to protect the poor! I mean, if he is going to protect me as he protects his voters from crime, poverty, unemployment, inflation, may the good lord help us all!

This morning we are treated to the revival of socialist education during working hours. That is right, Chavez is requesting that voluntarily (for the time being) employers set aside 4 hours (?) so that the indoctrination agents that have been formed in Cuba or through Cuban teachers and who now title themselves "brigada moral y luces" come to work places, and explain people what the socialism of the XXI century is. That is, the government wants the business owners (from large ones to your grocery store at the street corner) to set aside 4 hours so that workers learn how to hate their boss, even the good bosses. The words of Chavez in January now retaken by his underling at the labor ministry:
Discussion, debate, education in all the locales , the geography, that the workers may, because it is a part of the socialism formation, free the creative powers of human beings.
Now, this is so slimy that it deserves full analysis:

1) first, this socialism which in Venezuela is a code word for reheated commie castroist leftover, has historically proven not to liberate any creative force anywhere. The only creators in commie regimes were the dissidents, from Sakharov to Arenas. Get real!

2) Chavez knows that the bulk of people will not willingly attend "seminars" on socialism. So, socialism must be brought to them. And the best way to corner them is to force the employer to pay them why they sit down listening to government sabotaging agents. How nice of chavismo to recognize that it is unable, absolutely unable to create weekend academies where people would willingly flock to listen to the good word!

3) because those "brigadas moral y luces" are nothing but sabotaging agents who want to plant in the head of everyone not convinced yet that socialism/commie-nism under the paternalistic rule of Chavez is the way to go. And this means to remove anyone that could contradict that by words or deeds, in particular private business that do not depend financially on the hand outs of the government.

4) more subtle is that by scaring the private sector, even if Chavez brigades do not in the end force their way into such private business, he will get an excuse for forcing such education among public servants and business that pretend to deal with the government. That is, if you want a contract to build a bridge, then your construction workers will have to sit down and hear the commie gospel according to San Hugo. The rest of the country will breathe a deep sigh of relief, not realizing that they dodged one bullet for a few minutes but that Chavez will get to them anyway.

But some of you might think that this is all done in favor of the worker. It is not even if the measures look good on paper. The labor minister reminded folks that the there are other plans. One is the reduction of the work weekday to 6 hours (gross sugar coating with a measure that does not work in well organized and developed countries, is certainly not the norm in China, the self declared Chavez model; but as usual the government uses the ignorance of the people to push its agenda). Other gems are a return to the old system of severance pay, a system that was eliminated BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WAS THEN UNABLE TO MET ITS OWN OBLIGATIONS! Today the government is not letting us know, and even less public employees, how the onerous obligations of the past will be met when the private sector HAS MET all of its obligations past and present.

But the real gem, the reason for the above sugar coating is that Chavez has decided to eliminate trade unions. There was first that appeal to trade unions to join the one party system and thus not requiring anymore to unionize since all will be in a single party (the logic of this escapes me, and even the pro Chavez trade unions are debating whether to join...). In exchange Chavez will create workers councils (soviets?) that will be monitored by "brigadas moral y luces". That is, ALL will be in a sort of mandatory union, even the lone employee at the corner grocery store, but an ideological trade union supervised by "brigadistas". Now, ain't that a commie idea?

But as usual it is very easy to see through this mishmash, and even easier to understand why these people act as they do: they never worked a real productive day in their lives, they have no idea how a business is run, what makes an economy tick. They are just a whole bunch of bad books worm, unable to really understand these books anyway, and thus they shelter themselves behind rules and regulations which allows them to control their environment at a ridiculous cost. Why do they want to control everything so much? Because as good fanatics they are they have self doubt rooted in them and all their lives is a quest to erase their self doubt by making sure the word does not reflect their doubt. It happens with all these extremists, from born again religious nuts to chavista commie weed.

-The end-

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