Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lapi wrote us a letter

Well, if E-mails are to be trusted, Lapi wrote from somewhere outside of Venezuela to tell us why he escaped, that he is safe and that gimenez had even offered him in the past to help him escape. An offer which of course Lapi refused and that we are eagerly waiting to see if gimenez will be able to reply in some logical form.

All very amusing as more egg is thrown at the face of the government. Who is trying hard to distract the public attention by rebroadcasting on VTV the Giordani interview on the latest economic results. A pathetic interview, by the way, as I tried to watch a little bit of it but gave up. Anselmi was trying so hard to favor stiff Giordani that it was painful to watch. Amazing how some journalists lose any self esteem and critical perspective when they get a government stipend. Chavez must be furious that no one is even trashing the government figures: we are all in holiday, and by the way this blogger is leaving in a little while for a very short holiday, but with internet access this time. So, for those in the need of an explanation on whyu the 0-7% deflation is just some more bolivarian crap, you can go there.

-The end-

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