Sunday, April 08, 2007

Follow up on Judas Granier

Aporrea also published an add calling for folks to make rag dolls to the image of RCTV director Marcel Granier and burn them, the "burning of Judas" tradition in Venezuela that chavismo would very much like to control as Chavez is only too often one of the rag dolls burned.

Now, this is actually funny: Aporrea does have a counter for each article and when I checked it out, after 3 days up, the add has had less visitors than this blog in one day. Thus this fascist call does not seem to reach as much as what the organizers would like to it to reach. We will see this afternoon how many Granier dolls will be burning.

However if I mention this Aporrea thing it is because it is yet another example on how this Chavez propaganda is all linked and funded. Aporrea, when it publishes such a call to burn Granier, such a call to hijack a popular tradition, is definitely following orders from above. There is nothing spontaneous anymore in Aporrea (nor the associated "media" from VTV to Venezuelaanalysis, media by the way who love to paint the opposition media as paid for and directed by Bush (or the US when their language control slips) when we all know their relationship with chavismo machine.

Oh well...

(Hat tip Alek.)

-The end-

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