Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday morning fascist moment

I had not checked Liberal Venezolano site in a while and I was not disappointed by what I found: quotes from the time of Hitler and quotes from our days in Venezuela. Worth translating.
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Find the differences!

Führer, command, we follow you

Chant of the crowd watching Hitler, at his speech of September of August 26, three days before the Poland invasion.

Comandante Chávez... Command!
Command this front
that will fight next tot he people
always until victory

Leitmotiv of the Frente Francisco de Miranda [the electoral campaign arm of chavismo]

Command My Comandante. Fatherland, Socialism or Death... in spite of the traitors, we will win.

found in Aporrea

Saying that the party colors are different does not count.

-The end-

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