Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where does Venezuelan crime comes from?

When the weekly crime total of Venezuela hovers above 100 with peaks instead of dips, one is allowed to start wondering how come the government is not doing more about protecting the lives of the citizens. Is it actually a strategy of the government? To terrorize the people so that they will not even consider protest against their everyday deteriorating conditions because, well, they could get mugged or killed while they march in protest? Only in recent months the Iraq death toll has been consistently above the Venezuelan one, and Venezuela is not at war, nor is occupied by a foreign army (unless the Nazional Guard and the Cubans are considered as such).

So we should not be surprised that Weil translates quite well this growing preoccupation: is the military nature of Chavez regime promoting violence and crime?

I think so.

-The end-

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