Friday, June 22, 2007

Milk also missing in Argentina

The Post brings us a tale of food shortages in Argentina. Gas shortages too , and winter is starting. And all due, as in Venezuela, to unreasonable price controls which are kept up for political reasons. Price control, the eternal soft drug of populist regimes.... and with always the same consequences: higher inflation than the neighboring countries.

PS: I was lucky yesterday in Caracas. As I was doing some shopping for stuff I cannot find in San Felipe I found WHITE SUGAR!!! TWO kilos!!!! They had just received some. Very little in fact since they did not even put it up on the shelf: they just put in a shopping cart the bags with the individual sugar packages and people tore them up and helped themselves. Two kilos per capita only. Had I arrived 15 minutes alter I woudl have never known that white sugar had arrived.... I also got one liter of canola cooking oil. So finally I will be able to make tostones.

-The end-

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