Friday, June 22, 2007

We got a new bridge

The viaduct that fell in January 2006 has been rebuilt. Chavez, his usual cynical self, refusing to take the blame for 6 years of neglect that brought down the bridge, wanted to mark the event as if it were a great victory of his socialist revolution. Well, it did not work out as planned. Even though all measures had been taken to make a great propaganda show, such as blocking the highway for "security reasons" for 8 hours (too bad for those that needed to take an airplane), they did not counted one one key element "el pueblo". That pueblo who lives hanging from the steep slopes surrounding the highway, who have yet to see the promises made to them 2 years ago when the bridge was closed before it collapsed, wore their red shirts and crashed the party to see Chavez and ask him directly why the delays. In a rush Chavez inaugurated the bridge and left. No speech, NO CADENA except for the half an hour that covered the documentary film and the arrival of Chavez.

Some divine justice still exists: Chavez trick to gain glory at the expense of his mistakes failed in the best possible way, by those who he tricks all the time showing up. Priceless.

PS: I was told that most of the bridge has been built by private contractor who were juicily paid to finish the bridge on time. Thus, there are surely significant added costs just to satisfy the political needs of Chavez. Needless to say that the contractors are keeping a low profile as to their achievements letting the government claim credit for "Venezuelan high technology" in the hope that people will associate this building as a government made job. Some time the private sector does not stink that much to Chavez when he needs something fast.

-The end-

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