Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Venezuela embassy in Buenos Aires (or Lima?)

I have been sent this picture about the new paint job of the Venezuelan embassy in Buenos Aires. I have of course no way to verify whether it is true or a skillful photoshop job. However, it is so true to the spirit of the propagandists that Chavez dispatches to his embassies around the world that I decided to post it anyway. If it has not happened, it will. By the way, readers willing to send me their favorite "rojo, rojito" pictures are welcome.

The reader also tells me that it looks like a San Francisco Gold Rush bordello. Well, it is an opinion.

errata?: some readers have pointed out that it might be the embassy in Lima. A good thing that I was cautious in my opening statement and made the point of the post on the air du temps or Zietgiest, as you wish. :)

-The end-

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